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504 (ozmargaret) wrote,
@ 2003-12-11 00:35:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:trouble - coldplay

    kiss/aerosmith concert
    ok. so i went to kiss and aerosmith (..and the porch ghouls...) at the thompson-bowling arena tonight. alright.

    KISS - their show definitely made me want to be in the kiss army. Paul Stanley is the man. he was shakin' his 55ish year old bootay and i was like "aww yeah!!" Gene Simmons did a bass solo, gurgled blood everywhere and then flew to the top of the lights. the drummer sang "Beth" and it was amazing. this concert changed my opinion of KISS from ehh.... to ROCK!

    AEROSMITH - this concert also changed my view of aerosmith. they played love in an elevator, sweet emotions, dream on, jaded, pink, f-i-n-e, walk this way...that was all fine and dandy. however...they made us all sit through like 4 songs that were from the guitarist's up-and-coming solo album. good for him. i'm here to see aerosmith. so instead of hearing JANIE'S GOT A GUN, ANGEL, and DON'T WANNA MISS A THING...we had to sit through that crap. honestly. janie's got a gun! c'mon, man! this is an aerosmith concert! oh well. my opinion of aerosmith has been dramatically changed...i wouldnt have been as upset as i am now if they hadnt played the other crap. honestly. not even a freaking encore...BAH!

    but it was awesome. lindsay and i got matching t-shirts.

    in other news, i got an 81 on my french test and an 82 on my research paper with a little note that said "Margaret - I am very disappointed with your effort on this essay. You have the capability to write clean and interesting papers and on this essay you failed to do both." whoot! i also got a mean look from mme schueler when i got the 81 on that test. i have another french test tomorrow...and the english gateway...oh well. i hope i still get an A in french. i bet i will. i have like a 96. english...i'm gonna get a B so i dont care. but i still have to write a vocab poem, vocab story, and three essays. three essays by friday (tomorrow) and vocab by monday. too bad i dont care anymore. forget this semester, i'm done. I WANNA ROCK AND ROLL ALL NIGHT AND PARTY EVERY DAY!


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