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504 (ozmargaret) wrote,
@ 2003-11-11 21:34:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:the joker - steve miller band

    so who else hates how it takes forever to load blurty?
    Several subjects to discuss in this update:

    ----->Concert Band Auditions: Okay. I don't deserve to make symphonic band this year. I have practiced relatively nothing compared to everything I did last year. It makes me sick. Tonight I worked on my prepared piece more and learned three of my extra credit scales. I'm still going to work a little more...I'm not going to do my homework tonight to work on my piece. In additional band news, we didnt have school today for band students and ROTC students because we went to participate in the Veterans' Day parade. That was fun. At the mall, Haley and I sat with Drew, Garrett, and Chris. Chris is fun. He is morbid and perverted, but man. He's fun. We also took the full band picture today. Wee.

    ----->Love Life: Hmm...doesn't exist. Sadie Hawkins isnt this Saturday, but the next one. I don't think I'm going to go. I don't really like dances...I don't know why I go to any of them. Oh well. I might still ask somebody anyway because it's expected. Yeah. I don't really like anybody either right now. Not to obsession level yet anyway...

    ----->Softball: doesn't start soon enough. There is absolutely nothing going on in my life other than homework and band. Pitchers and catchers starts December 3rd. I can't wait. Kori won't be there to I guess Dueber will be catching for me all the time. Good. I think Dueber is a really good catcher. Honestly, I think she's a naturally good catcher. The other pitchers will be Kim, Mallory, and Cayla. Hahaha! I have a feeling it will me me, Cayla, and Kim making fun of Mallory. And then me and Kim making fun of Cayla. And then me and Cayla making fun of Kim. And then me and Mallory making fun of Kim. WHOO! And then they'll all make fun of me. I think that's the best part about pitchers and catchers practice...we just make fun of each other the entire time (and dont get much done). I simply cannot wait.

    ----->English: Yeah. We got assigned a research paper that's worth 535 points. I did The Merchant of Venice because Kindra told me too. Mrs. Coppeans said I needed to find more information, but honestly....where does she want me to get it? If Kindra reads this...I need more information...and quickly. Overall English is going really well. Of course I get back my Philosophy Essay tomorrow (ha. ha. hahaha. right.). But as of now I have a 90%. That's very good. For me. Yeah.

    ----->Chemistry: This class is going better for me. I think it's fairly well known of my extreme detestation for the subject as a whole as of now...but I got a 100% on our last test. That was good. I might be able to pull off an A in that class. If I do, that means I get A's in all my classes this term maybe. That'd be awesome.

    ----->French: Hooray for easy classes. Me, Kylie, and Gabby are all doubling up next year. French is something that I can actually why not excel at it while I can? That'd be good. That's all I have to say about French. It sounds snobby and I sound like a huge hick when I speak it, but oh well. I get it.

    ----->Friends: Going pretty well. Ok. Ok...yeah. So what?

    ----->Car: so this is the car that I want now: (I know this will expire in a few days...6 to be exact.) It's a Volvo S80. I want a Volvo for two reasons: 1.) They come in leather all the time. 2.) They come in automatics all the time. Rock on Volvo. You are a better, safer car than a Jetta...and I think I love you.

    That's all for the updatage this time. Leave a message.


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