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Pyro (oyewah) wrote,
@ 2004-02-18 18:20:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:"Haunted" by Evanescence

    Blah. I need a change.
    So, orchestra rehearsal was okay last night. Not that great, but not bad either. It was something to do I guess.

    Today was pretty boring. Band was first block. We got a new song "Sounds of Brazil" or something like that. It's a medly of latin songs. All rhumba speed. We didn't do much in Lit. We read some more of Canterbury Tales and I got a notice thing to bring home telling our parents to fill out the stupid satisfaction survey thing that my mom said she wouldn't do and Mrs. Petersen gave us a lecture about how we have to try to change the things we don't like and stuff. I think Sophie and I really annoyed Kate. Sophie pet her or something and she made a kind of puppy dog face and then we both sat there petting her until she did it again and then we kept getting her to do it for other people.

    We had a double block of Psych and watched "One Flew Over the Cukoo's Nest." It was pretty boring and we've got to analyze a character from it. Blah. I'm not entirely sure why, but I really don't like watching TV. I don't find it interesting at all.

    Lunch was kind of fun. Bean and Guido hung out with us and so did Jess. I kept feeding Bean haw flakes and it was highly amusing. I showed Mrs. Petersen when she walked by us and I'm not entirely sure what she thought of that. lol. Bean got a chair from Mrs. Rodger's room to sit on and Max straddled her and then when he got up I sat down and spent most of the rest of lunch straddling Bean and feeding her haw flakes. Man, I'm way too amused by that. Yeah, that was pretty much the entire lunch hour.

    We had a sub in Physics. I think Buller has been away the day before pretty much every test we had in Chem and now he's doing it again. There's no way that's just a fluke, but I have no idea WHY he'd do it.

    After school Max took forever to get upstairs and I was just going to leave when he came up. I hate how I waste so much time following him around. I really need to get a life. I feel like a stupid dog just following at his heels all the time. Blah. We talked to Karen for a couple minutes because for some reason Max felt the need to tell her that Chayse hasn't e-mailed him back. Mom drove up pretty much right after we got outside so I went to the commons area to see if Chris was there. Then I went to Mme. Brown's room because Chris and Sydney were going to Sydney's French classroom. Theresa was in there talking to Mme. Brown so I just sat there for a while then got bored and left. Went and kind of half listened to the conversation Carlene, Sydney and Chris were having and then we went to catch the bus. Theresa sat with me and I just listened to my discman and ignored her the whole time.

    I don't know what's up with my moods recently. It's not like I'm really depressed or anything, but I'm getting sick of my life. It's so incredibly boring. Max has been bothering me a lot more than he usually does recently and I have no idea why. I'm getting sick of following him around all the time while he goes and does whatever, but I usually do anyways because I don't really have anything better to do and I don't really want to go totally reclusive.

    Sophie hasn't been bugging me at all lately and I kind of want to spend more time hanging out with her and Autumn but I don't really see that happening, partly because they always disappear at lunch and partly because they lead very different lifestyless than I do. It's odd though, because usually when I get in one of my stupid moods where I don't want to talk to anyone it gets better when I'm around Max and recently it pulls me out of it when I'm around Autumn, Kate and Sophie or when I'm around Bean. I don't know. I almost want to just stop hanging out with Max at school and hang out with different people, but at the same time, he's my best friend and I don't want to lose that because he's really important to me.

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