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Pyro (oyewah) wrote,
@ 2004-01-29 21:51:00
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    Surveys......I was bored
    What is your favorite..
    gum:I don't really like guym
    restaurant:I don't know....Kim Chee Palace maybe
    type of weather:sunny and hot or thunder storms
    emotion:when you're so incredibly comfortable with someone that you just want to stay in the moment forever
    thing to do on a half day:just hang out
    late-night activity:hanging out with friends and talking or watching the stars
    city:San Jose was fun....Vancouver's awsome too though
    store:thrift stores
    When was the last time you..
    cried:the day I was so stressed out that I almost broke down like 3 times....I don't know if I actually cried, but I was really close
    played a sport:ummm...I don't remember
    laughed:probably today
    hugged someone:ummmm. either yesterday or Tuesday, I don't remember
    kissed someone:I have no idea
    felt depressed:I don't's been a while since I've really been depressed
    felt elated:yesterday
    felt overworked:monday
    faked sick:don't know
    lied:I don't remember
    What was the last..
    word you said:probably "now"
    thing you ate:canned peaches
    song you listened to:a new one just's "My Last Breath" by Evanescence
    thing you drank:peach juice
    place you went to:Max's
    movie you saw:in a theater: Piarates of the Carribean....last movie...I think it was the Exorcist
    movie you rented:Dream Catcher and whatever the hell the other ones were....but technically Tyler rented those
    concert you attended:the Jazz thing we did at Mount Olive
    Who was the last person you..
    hugged:probably might be Autumn
    cried over:either Javan, which was years ago, or Kirstin, which was last year
    kissed:I have no idea
    danced with:probably Max
    shared a secret with:um....well the coming out to Bean and the kind of confirming it with Autumn....I don't know if I really consider that a secret, but I kind of is....-ish
    had a sleepover with:Max
    went to a movie with:Max...grad movie night...jeez, I don't get out much
    saw:my mom....outside of my family...Max, suprise, suprise
    were angry with:I don't know...probably one of my parents
    couldn't take your eyes off of:Autumn....
    obsessed over:Autumn
    Have you ever..
    danced in the rain:yeah
    kissed someone:no :-( ....I'm pathetic and I need a girl friend
    done drugs:no
    drank alcohol:yeah
    slept around:no
    partied 'til the sun came up:yeah....the Three Inbred Sisters...what a party...and you can't forget the fishy macarena
    had a movie marathon:yeah...Emily's going away party
    gone too far on a dare:no
    spun until you were immensely dizzy:yeah
    taken a survey quite like this before:I don't remember

    The Favorites, Have-You-Evers.. and Last Times! Oh, the variety! brought to you by BZOINK!

    ** basics **
    Location::Surrey depends who you ask. lol. ....I'm a chick....and somehow that word does not seem to suit me at all
    Birthplace::Grace Hospital in Vancouver
    Birthday::May 27th
    Righty or Lefty::Righty
    Screenname::Pyro, MeMeMe (I don't like that one though)
    ** your looks **
    Height::about 5'4" I think
    Weight::around 145
    Shoe size::9
    Hair Color::black with red streaks, but they're fading to brown
    Hair Length::long....half way down my back
    Eye Color::brown
    Size::size of what?
    Braces::not any more, thank god
    ** fashion **
    Where do you shop::thrift stores, and winners
    What do you usually wear::it depends on my mood....bagy guy-ish clothes, a suit, tank tops, dress shirts, my rubbie clothes
    What kind of shoes do you wear::runners, the black army boot-ish ones or my black ones
    Do you wear a watch::always
    Color you never wear::I would normally say pink, but I bought a shirt that has pink in it yesterday...
    Color you wear at least once a week::black
    Something you wear everyday::my ankh necklace and a few of my rings
    Do you wear make up everyday::almost never
    Make up essential::none
    Most cherished piece of clothing::I don't know....but I do have a couple shirts that I've had since about 4th grade that I still wear
    You wouldn't be caught dead wearing::honestly my fashion sense changes...or broadens or whatever, but at the moment, a bikini
    Do you wear belts::yeah
    Do you wear hats::almost never
    How many pairs of shoes do you have::three that I actually wear
    ** music **
    Favorite kind of music::I don't have a favorite
    Least Favorite::techno
    How many CD's do you have::barely any
    Last CD you bought::I don't know....I don't even remember the last time I bought a CD
    Whats in your CD player right now::Tubular Bells
    Do you download music::yeah
    ** Favorites **
    Color::black, blood red and dark blue
    Ice cream::I don't know
    Website:: ...I'm addicted to this site
    Quote::"Make him get a sex change!" best reaction ever ....I love Christie
    Store::thrift stores, Winners
    Band::I don't have one
    Singer::I don't know
    Group::Concordiae....does that count?
    Song::I could never chose just one
    Movie::Blad I and II, Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    Actor::I don't know...but I like watching Kirstin watch Orlando Bloom
    Actress::how 'bout a hot actress list: Eliza Dushku *drool* Iyari Limon, Allyson Hannigan....noticing the Buffy trend?...and there's that chick that was in Antitrust
    Kind of movies::action, thinkers, funny, supernatural or even better, a combination
    Place to be::at Horsefly, by the fire by myself, or on the dock looking a the stars or fishing
    Time of day::night
    Clothing Brand::I could care less about brands
    Food::all the weird Chinese things that everyone thinks are gross
    Holiday::I don't like holidays
    Restaraunt::I don't know...Kim Chee Palace maybe
    Fast food place::Wendy's or Subway...places that sell food that isn't all greasy and gross
    Boy's name::I don't know, but I really like the name Chayse...but it makes me think of Chayse....
    Girl's name::for some reason I really like guy-ish girl names, like Chris and stuff
    Word::dunno (and no, that's not it)
    Month::dunno...probably July or August
    Candy::those aniseed things
    ** love and relationships **
    Sexual Preference::I like the chicks
    Boyfriend or Girlfriend::I want a girlfriend...damn the me being all shy and pathetic
    Crush::there's a few of them....Autumn, Hil, Christie...
    Do you believe in love at first sight::kind of
    What do you look for in a guy/girl::someone that can talk to that has a good personality
    Best physical feature::backs, arms and hands
    Best hair color::it doesn't matter
    Best eye color::it doens't matter
    ** randoms **
    Do you paint your nails::almost never
    What color is your tooth brush::right now I think it's blue and fuscia
    What's on your desktop::computer: a stupid pig thing that Carlene put up...the actual desktop in my room is just covered in random shit
    Do you like roller coasters::yeah
    Do you do drugs::no
    Are you a virgin::umm...yeah....I need a girlfriend.....
    Do you have any pets::yeah....two dogs and a guinea pig
    What time do you go to sleep::it depends....usually between 10 and 10:30 on week days...on week ends it depends how tired I am, but usually not before midnight

    Basic Survey [ 87 questions] brought to you by BZOINK!

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