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China wholesale (oyang2011) wrote,
@ 2012-08-06 14:15:00
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    Eight Useful Apps for the Cheap Android 4.0 Tablet

    1)App: Evernote

    Platform: iOS (iphone and ipad) / android

    Functions: It is a type of knowledge management app. It will help you to definitely write down every bit of information whatever that's text, pictures and voices. And more importantly, it will help you to definitely organize and provide you with a simple retrieval of knowledge. I've been utilizing it for a long period and whenever I've newer and more effective ideas, I'll use that to record. I'll apply it writing down notes during meeting too. It's a so-called cloud technology and that we can can get on anywhere since all of the data is going to be synchronized for their server. We are able to can get on within our Tablets Android 4.0, smartphone, laptop and PC with similar account logged in.

    2) App: Dropbox

    Platform: iOS(iphone and ipad) / android

    Functions: It's almost probably the most user-friendly file storage and management app. Again, just cloud technology, the information you put onto the Dropbox were found on server securely. You have access to exactly the same files and same data anywhere with one account. So long as you are attached to the internet, you have access to it anywhere. We do not need to spend your time in synchronizing files. Probably the most interesting thing about this is the fact that we are able to do drag and drop from the files easily with this particular Dropbox which is so user-friendly!

    3) App: Facebook

    Platform: iOS(iphone and ipad) / android

    Functions: um, you don't need to explain in details, right? It will help you to definitely connect with your pals everywhere.

    4)App: Google

    Platform: iOS(iphone and ipad) / android

    Functions: it enables you to check email, read your preferred news together with your Google reader, edit document with Google doc and tell associates, do scheduling in the search engines calendar, watch YouTube, you may still find some many free websites provided to us by Google ( capable to replace our previous paid services.. e.g. Ms word) Great!

    5)App: Skype

    Platform: iOS(iphone and ipad) / android

    Functions: This is another application I do not need to explain much. Interactive video via your Best Android 4.0 Tablet built-in cam has become obtainable in accessory for voice conversation.

    6) App: Toggl

    Platform: iOS(iphone and ipad) / android

    Functions: it enables you to time tracking your tasks and manage time resources allocated to each task. You just need to press a control button when recording the tasks' time when doing the job. You are able to pause it whenever you change to other tasks. Then you definitely resume time count of this task whenever you switch to focus on that task latter on. Following a day or perhaps a week, you are able to take a look at time resources through the project category. This can help you to definitely enhance your efficiency.

    7) App: Recall the milk

    Platform: iOS(iphone) / android. By the date, the ipad version continues to be under testing and really should be accessible soon.

    Functions: Recall the milk is really a to-do-list software which may be synchronized towards the server. (Cloud technology) Which means you have access to it anywhere with just about any devices too. The consumer interface is straightforward and friendly. You may also set the priority for that tasks.

    8) App: ThinVNC

    Platform: after it had been set up in your targeted computer, it may be accessed by just about any platform including iOS(iphone/ipad) and android.

    Functions: it's a pure-web remote desktop solution. After it had been set up in the host pc, we are able to can get on via HTML5 compliant browser. It's good software letting you remote access your computer both at home and office. Thus you should use the strength of laptop computer together with your Android 4.0 Tablet 2012 accessing that remotely!

    I am selling android tablets and windows tablet pc all models and all sizes and all generations in China, and other electronics at wholesale pricing, if interested send me a message.You can also place orders directly at our website: Thank you!

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