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DoLLFaCE (oxleigh) wrote,
@ 2003-01-28 21:01:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:the noise of ims

    godddddd hates me
    Well.. today me and angie chilled after school watched 40 days and 40 nights.. talked online played with jay srry LoL. auhh yea i wanted a sticker so i went to the thing and put in money and it took my money but didnt give me a sticker so i told angie and she didnt believe me and told me to go do it again but im not that stupid so i said no and she said if it does it again ill give you a dollar so i did it knowing id get my money back and it did it again so i turned around and yelled "Ha!" really loud and than i went and tried a diff. sticker thing and this guys comes over saying What are you a fucking retart!? and i was like no and he was like it stole your money so you put more in and i was like no i put it in here before and pointed and now im putting it here. so he like left so when we were leaving he was coming back in and he yelled did you pay?! but we didnt hear so he said it again and we were like yea so he prob. doubts we paid but we did LoL it was amuzing i think it was "flirting" but not a very good job but oh well and yea i talked to Chris.. surprising i kno yea i hope things get better between us i wish i could like him a little less .. like actually like him equal to how much he likes me but i kno that aint possible. Thank god midterms are Over .. blahh but finals are gonna be soon now. i jus wanna be a senior. skip 10th and 11th and go to 12th. oh yea angie thinks im a pig cause i got a choc. bar that was really big and candy and i ate pizza but in reality im not because i gave the choc. bar to my mom well half of it because i ate half of hers sat. night and didnt ask i kinda did i asked for one small piece and ate it all so i gave her mine and surprised her cause yesterday we werent talking. yea yea and my dad made me clean out his car today which wasnt bad i threw everything away and didnt have to vaccum and i got paid sorta which i shouldnt have because he did me a favor so i had to do it for him and thats my day.. good old life!!


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