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Oxi Margera (oxiofmuphins) wrote,
@ 2003-04-17 08:25:00
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    Current mood: ditzy
    Current music:CKY -- "Flesh into Gear"

    I've never been so BORED in my life! I just changed my desktop wallpaper, deleted HELLA crap, changed my color scheme, changed the screensaver, finished talking to a buddy on AIM, and I am BORED AS EVAH! Of course I could write a story/fanfic, but I don't have anything to write about! If anyone has any ideas, PLEASE comment with ideas! They could be ANYTHING! I'd really appreciate it right now! ^_^

    I'm really nervous, because I still live w/my dad (heh), and he's all thinking about filing for bankrupcy and living off of HIS dad in Oregon. Of all people, my dad shouldn't be doing that. He isn't even CLOSE to having enough money to retire, so that's out of the question... *I* can't support him, cos of college... and if he DOES follow through with his plan, I'll move outta the house, but my lil bro will be all devastated n' stuff, because HE lives with my dad. And NO ONE wants to live with my mom v_v...

    Well, onto money making ideas for moi. Soon, I shall make my website for this! It's a very strange job... but shoot, it'll make and save money for me. Since I'm Wiccan, I have the knowledge and power to banish bad spirits and stuff like that. Since there ARE people out there who need it, I could just go to them and banish the spirit. Well, okay, it works like this: They pay for my trip/flight/whatever over to their house. I begin to investigate for spirits/demons/whatever with a very sensitive filmed camera. I develop them, and search for orbs n' stuff. If I FIND any, I go deeper by conducting seances. And if I find any absolute evidence of bad spirits, or any kind of spirit that the homeowner doesn't WANT there, I can go to conduct my spirit banishing spell, free of charge, since I don't think it's right to charge for things like that.

    Well, Ja ne for now... I'm all p00ped on journal/blurty/blogger writing. whee...

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