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Oxfamglam (oxfamglam) wrote,
@ 2007-10-25 04:02:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:"Chill" Regina Spektor, Cherry Ghost, The Postal Service...

    Oh, 4am is the time when you were mine, frozen in deepest sleep (from 4AM by Cherry Ghost)
    So, I finally found somewhere to post a blog to.

    Want to know how I found it? I looked through my old registration information emails that I have a terrible habit of storing and found this account dating from about 2003.

    And, it took a bit of colour tweaking (no longer really into bright fuschia) and editing here and there (ie. deleting ramblings about who said what to who and why they suck) I finally think I can settle in here very nicely indeed, thank you very much.

    Well. It's 4am, hence the time and title above and I am yet to go sleep. I have progressed from daywear to pyjamas and dressing gown and I did manage to wrench my bone dry contact lenses from my eyes and replace them with glasses so I'm not doing too bad. I just have no inclination to lie down and actually go to sleep.

    Feel like I should be doing something worthwhile. I've finished crocheting a hat. I've created this place... There is nothing left but the ironing and I have already resigned myself to just doing it when I need something to wear (the creases drop out when wearing clothes anyway, right?).

    So, at some point today I have a man coming to fix my television aerial. It's been hanging off my chimney by one hinge for about forever now and I've been worrying about it falling down through the roof and pulling the chimney down. But finally, the man who can is coming today. I hope he won't mind me taking photographs of him mending it. I just feel the urge to take a photo of a man on my roof. Esepcially if he's wearing overalls. I hope he has a moustache. That will just make my day to have a stereotypical handyman. Oh God, I hope he doesn't go through my roof. Stereotypical handymen do have a tendency to be a bit... plump.

    And Jay's back today. So hopefully for his sake I'll be able to sleep tomorrow. I imagine its not fun to share a bed with an insomniac. I don't imagine it's much fun to share a bed with me whether I'm asleep or not. I have it on good authority I have a tendency to "starfish" and possibly, maybe, on occasion have been known to snore slightly. If Jay were here he'd be demanding I change that to say snore like a pig dreaming deeply about truffles. But he's not here so I can say I do a little oink-whoosh rather than a proper snorty snort.

    I spoke to an ex-boyfriend online tonight and he made me so angry. We were having a really normal, decen conversation but then he just suddenly said something that reminded me of exactly why we broke up and I got so angry I ended up threatening to reach into the computer and grab his throat. I was in a real rage and he just carried on. Well, talk about red rag to a bull, I let rip in an email and told him exactly what I don't like about him and what a dickhead he is. I hope he understands. I needed to do it. It was personal therapy. And boy, did it work, I feel great! ...Still can't stand the bastard though.

    Situation is dire. I'm drinking coffee and listening to Counting Crows. Perhaps I should step away from the laptop...

    I'm going to go and actually lay down.

    No, really...

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