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Oxfamglam (oxfamglam) wrote,
@ 2007-10-30 21:24:00
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    Current mood: blah
    Current music:Old Red Eyes Is Back - The Beautiful South

    I've a PhD in "I told you so", you've a knighthood in "I'm not listening"
    The subject title is from Don't Marry Her by The Beautiful South which wouldn't fit in the title box (damn Blurty limitations).

    I've not updated since the other day when I couldn't be bothered to write about Friday and now, looking back, there's not much to say...

    We ended up meeting Jay's uncle (other uncle, not divorce uncle) and he made us go to rubbish bars with him. Of course, we couldn't refuse as he was paying for all the drinks. Eventually got home at about 2am after dancing to rubbish R&B. Shan't be doing that again for while.

    Sunday was my Nan's 80th Birthday meal. It went OK. All the family were there and Shaun's girlfriend was there and suprisingly, we all liked her and she liked all of us so I consider that side of things a success. Unfortunately my Nan had decided on roast beef for the main course and I really, really hate roast beef so I ended up eating a plate full of vegetables and potatoes but hey, they were nice enough vegetables.

    I started back at work for the new term on Monday and the kids are already driving me completely bonkers. I had drama with the year 10 and 11's last lesson (all aged 15-16) where we started looking at comedy. Now, every single one of them THINKS they're funny (ie. jokes about penises and vagina's and poo and stuff) and it was just so satisfying to see them all fail. I love doing drama lessons because the staff are allowed to use swear words as examples of how not to do things so I get to swear at the kids and shock them. I remember one particular conversation:
    Pupil: Miss, can we pretend to slip over in some dog crap?
    Me: What are you, 5?
    Pupil: Roy Chubby Brown makes jokes about dog crap.
    Me: Roy Chubby Brown makes a living out of being fat and using the words "fuck" and "wanker".
    Pupil: And?
    Me: And that means that you are precisely what he's talking about if you find that funny. Now, use some imagination and be clever with it.


    My mum works at the same place I do and there's a kid in her class, who shall be known as R, who is on the autistic spectrum and god love him, he hasn't developed the autistic tendency to talk with an american accent, he just talks posh. And I mean P-O-S-H posh. Anyway, he can't cope that there's a Miss and a Mrs with the same last name at his school. He can't get his head around what relation we are to one another and who's the oldest. That was until I realised today he's known all along and has just been playing us for fools.
    R: Hello Mrs C.
    Me: It's Miss C
    R: How's Mr C?
    Me: I'm MISS C.
    R: How's your daughter?
    Me: I don't have a daughter, I'm Miss C.
    R: Yes, but how is your daughter?
    Me: R, do I have a daughter?
    R: Not that I know of, Miss C, but Mrs C. does, how is she?
    Me: Mrs C or her daughter?
    R: Her daughter.
    Me: ...I'm fine, thank you...

    I had to have a strong coffee after that.

    So, now here I am, Tuesday night, pottering around the house until it's an appropriate time to go to bed. Tomorrow is Wednesday where it's major drama day. I don't mean that major incidents happen I mean I have 5 lessons of drama out of a possible 6. It can be fun, mostly its repeating yourself and laughing at kids at inappropriate times.

    I better go get some clothes sorter for tomorrow. That might just take me close enough to bedtime.

    Sorry this has been a relatively dull update. Unfortunately now I'm back at work they'll probably stay that way.

    Oh well.

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