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rAg dOlL <3 (ox_kort_xo) wrote,
@ 2004-08-13 00:26:00
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    Current mood: full
    Current music:sUbLimE [x] cArEss mE dOwn

    i`m fulL lOl
    wElL tOdAy i wEnt oOvEr jEss`s thEn i cAmE hOmE .. atE dInnEr n thEn sAm cAmE oOvEr n thEn wE wEnt tOo pEnn wOod n thEn wE mEt tIff n jEss n thEn wE wEnt tO othIs kId brAd`s hOusE whIch wAs rEalLy a wAstE oOf tImE =\ thEn wE went ot my house n then wawa n then lee`s house where we ran into lP i fink n britt n jess lol we hung out wif them for a lil n then me n sam went for a walk to smoke lol n then we came bak n thEn we left n wE went to bEst quality n then we went to chapman n jus sat there talkin n then cheryl joined us n then jess outta of randomness goes I NEED TO GET LAID we`re all jus lyk wtf anyhow around 11 we go home n my dad gives ulmer n sam a ride home n my daddy talked to sam`s daddy n she`s sleepin over tmoro nite n then we go down the shore =[ anywho n then i came home n almost pissed myself lol i had to go soo freakin bad even tho i had already went wif sam lyk an hour ago lol well n then i got best quality for dinner the chicken cheesesteak wif ketchup n fries lol my usual well write again byE <33 kOrt <-- nEw pIcs

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