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rAg dOlL <3 (ox_kort_xo) wrote,
@ 2004-08-10 22:35:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:lEd zEppLin [x] stAirwAy tOo hEavEn

    i had sOmEthIng bEttEr
    tOdAy wAs aLrItE i guEss =\ i wAs sUppOsEd tOo gOo oOvEr lEe`s tOo tAn bUt yOu knOo my dAd dIdn`t wAkE mE up sOo i wOkE up at 3.3O b.C i cuLdn`t sLeEp lAst nItE cUz i kEpt thInkIn abOut a bUnchA sHytt .. =\ wElL aNyhOw i dId sUm chOrEs n thEn i wEnt tOo wAwA wIf jEss bUt oOn thE wAy wE sAw phEebs n wE tAlkEd tOo hEr fOr a bIt shE`s dEff a lOzEr lOl bUt shE dUzn`t hAvE a vOlvO aNymOrE hahA wE mAdE oOur wAy tOo wAwA n thEn wE rAn intOo thIs kIdd kEvIn n i gAvE hIm a dOlLar sOo hE cuLd gOo gEt a 4O lOl thEn mE n jEss wAlk tOo my hOusE n shE wAtchEs a liL bIt oOf 5O fIrst dAtEs whIlE i tAkE dOwn my pIcs =[ wElL aNywhOo thEn shE gOes hOmE n i eAt my dInnEr n tAkE a shOwEr n then jEss tElls me shE cAn`t gOo oOut it`s lIkE 8 nOw sOo i`m lIkE scrEw it n i stAy in b.C i rEalLy dIdn`t wAnnA gOo oOut thAt bAdLy =\ nOw i`m jUs sIttIng hErE frEezIng my aSs oOff frOm thE aC lOl wElL wrItE agAin lAtEr bItChEs <33 kOrt

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