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The Best of Me (ourtyme2shyne) wrote,
@ 2003-08-25 19:44:00
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    Current mood:depressed
    Current music:Box Full of Sharp Objects - The Used

    Ahhh..... =P
    Hey ya'll ... 2morrow is gonna be a sad day 4 me... =( ='( ... I don't even know if i wanna go 2 school.... Well 4 all of ya'll that don't know what I'ma talkin about... A year ago 2morrow on August 26, 2003... It will be the one year anniversary of one of my best friends death... She was killed in a drunk driving accident. Her and her boyfriend were both drinking... Her boyfriend *james* started 2 race this other guy, and the car got out of control. The car flipped 3 tymes, and the other car landed on top of it. *James* is still alive... and so r the other passengers in the other car... But my Amanda died.... Gawd It makes me so sad..... I miss her so much...


    Wish me luck wit makin it through the day..............

    :~:Whitley Paige:~:

    On other news ...
    Went 2 the teen center 2nite... Jason was definately all over me again ... =\ .. I'm confused on if i like him or not... It's like ... I change my mynd every 2 seconds lol I realized 2day that I'm n love wit sumone... AHHH... I HATE LOVE... CUZ SUMTHIN BAD ALWAYS HAPPENS.... AND ONE OF THE 2 PEOPLE WILL BE HEARTBROKE AT ONE POINT.... GRR.... *

    I need 2 get high ... I ain't been high all day ... =( ... Makes me sad lol I hope Preston doesnt get n 2 a fight 2nite... Gawd I hate it when he fites... he's faught so many people over me.. But thats k ... cuz 2morrow i'm sure sum girl will get her ass kicked 4 goin around sayin shyt bout me and preston haha... Jus wait... Well i'm out... Got nothin 2 say except Agusta still likes David... I know she does! I can tell lol .. She's gonna hate me 4 writing this... but o well .. fucc it..

    Love ya'll ....

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