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The Best of Me (ourtyme2shyne) wrote,
@ 2003-08-26 02:28:00
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    Can't Sleep ....
    Hey ya'll ... I can't sleep ... I'm depressed man! :-( ... Gawd .. all i can think about is the nyte i found out Amanda died... I was on n Silver Grove that night... At my aunts house... I was waitin on Amanda 2 come home, cuz we was suppose 2 hang out ... I go inside at like 12:00 because I figured, she was stayin sumwhere else... I go back outside about 1... And Amandas dad was in the kitchen, so I walked over thinkin she was home.. As soon as I knock on that door... All i seen was tears flowin from his eyes... He grabbed the car keys... He walked out the door.... "Whitley ... Stay here... Go inside the house and watch Hanna and Jason 4 me.." ... No wait! What happend?? .. "Amanda was n a car crash..... I don't know if she's okay or not. Just please stay here wit the kids 4 me... I gotta go get my baby!!!" Tears started flowin from my eyes.... Gawd i can't live like this man... all i've been thinkin bout lately is her. And on Sunday, i was out n the grove, and I drove by her house... I saw where we wrote our names on her garage... Gawd... I miss her.... :-( I gotta go back 2 bed... or try 2 get sum sleep...

    =( ='(

    Love .....
    whit whit

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