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~*Kiss Of Death*~ (otepchick) wrote,
@ 2004-01-01 12:58:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:~Evanescence~

    got this from sarah's blurty....
    What is your favorite..
    gum: winterfresh
    restaurant: um, I don’t know.
    drink: mountain dew, pepsi
    season: um, probably fall
    type of weather: not hot, and not cold
    thing to do on a half day: skip school, and sleep in.
    late-night activity: music..listening to it, or attempting to play it
    sport: um…I like to watch football if im in the mood
    city: no clue.
    store: pac sun or zumiez

    When was the last time you..
    cried: not that long ago.
    played a sport: same as above
    laughed: last night
    hugged someone: yesterday
    kissed someone: I don’t keep track
    felt depressed: this morning
    felt elated: huh?
    felt overworked: cant remember
    faked sick: few weeks ago to get outta school….it worked
    lied: don’t know

    What was the last..
    word you said: bye
    thing you ate: um, lunch yesterday….cant remember what it was
    song you listened to: The Distillers---Dismantle me
    thing you drank: wine…it was pretty good.
    place you went to: nichole’s house
    movie you saw: titanic
    movie you rented: no clue
    concert you attended: less than jake, good charlotte, and new found glory

    Who was the last person you..
    hugged: no.
    cried over: no.
    kissed: no.
    danced with: I don’t dance
    shared a secret with: probably nichole, maybe tarah
    had a sleepover with: nichole
    called: I don’t call people…I hate the phone.
    went to a movie with: probably nichole, and a few other friends….
    saw: my mom, sadly
    were angry with: mom, step-dad
    couldn't take your eyes off of: *Brian*
    obsessed over: I don’t obsess over anyone….well, maybe bam

    Have you ever..
    danced in the rain: probably
    kissed someone: yes
    done drugs: no.
    drank alcohol: yeah
    slept around: no
    partied 'til the sun came up: sure.
    had a movie marathon: dunno
    gone too far on a dare: truth or dare is gay…but I have done some pretty stupid things
    spun until you were immensely dizzy: yeah…
    taken a survey quite like this before: all the time.

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