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~*Kiss Of Death*~ (otepchick) wrote,
@ 2003-12-20 15:12:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:~The Distillers~

    you have got to love fridays night's...and mine fucking first i thought it was gonna suck cuz my ma wouldnt bring me and nichole up to the mall....then she changed her mind, and everything went right from we get to the mall, and we're just walking around..and we walked around for a little more than 2 hours, and decide to go to the food court..i guess my mom and my sisters were still there cuz Ashley came running up to me to tell me Jon worked in the mall...turns out he works at kb where did me and nichole go next?..haha kb toys..saw him, then i was really happy...he should try wearing clothes like that more often...they looked really good on him...but um, anyways...then i wanted to go see brian, so we went to the food court again..and actually made it to my dads place this time...its was like 9 pm by now, and so me and nichole were helping my dad and brian, and i was of course really happy, cuz i got to work with brian, and i get to tonight too!!....anyways...we ended up not leaving till almost midnight...and when we got to the wouldnt start...we had this one kid help us...he wasnt too bad looking...and then we were off...nichole and i were pretty we stopped at mcdonalds, and then headed home..she ended up staying the night, and we were up till like 3, then decided to get some sleep cuz i had to babysit in the woken up at 11....and was pissed...but had to stay we jusy kinda hung out around the house..being lazy...

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