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Amber (ostarintheskyo) wrote,
@ 2003-04-05 00:16:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Sunny 95 -- Complicated

    I absolutely love my friends. I'm not feeling completely better but well enough to have Alicia, Tanner and Tyler over. We all went out and played basketball. Well, 21. Of course Tyler thought he was better than everybody. ;-) But that's all right. LOL me and him were gonna wrestle. He's flippin strong it's not even funny. He rolled over on the ground tried to take my legs out but instead, his knee went right into my throat. I'm pretty sure it's bruised on the inside. At first I was laughing but then suddenly reflexes kicked in and I started crying. Even though it was hilarious. He felt bad which was sweet. I can barely talk and it hurts to swallow. Tanner's so cute and him and Alicia do go good together. I know Tyler wanted his girlfriend (Sam) over but she had to do a horse showing. Apparently Justin told Sam that Tyler said she was square and he was just using her. WHAT A LIE. Justin just likes her and regrets losing her. He blew his chance three times so he'll just have to get over it. Sarah's not coming here this weekend. :-( But she said she'd be here the next two weekends. :-) So hopefully I'll see her sometime. Travis is good. He's laughed a lot more and sleeps through most of the night. But that could be because I brought him back into my bed, lol. I can't help it! He wants to stay there. I hate seeing him cry. Oh my gosh. Today Austin was opening the door and it hit him right in the forehead. He had a big gash. It was funny but sad at the same time. The other day me and Justin like...erased our skin. It hurt so bad. He's got a giant one but I have two decent sized marks on each hand. I wonder who showed up to Sara's party (which I wasn't invited to, of course). Probably nobody. HAHA. She thinks everybody likes her. NEWSFLASH. Look around you. It's just the way she acts. She's a different person with each person. Does that make sense? Oh well. GRR. My throat kills! I got a bath earlier so I don't feel like taking a shower tonight even though I played basketball quite a bit. I'll take one in the morning. Adam let me know that he'll be checking out the college tomorrow, well today actually. It lasts from 6 am to 9 pm. Poor thing. He'll be so tired. I'm reading the book Holes because I wanna see the movie. It's probably like a middle-school book or something but it's interesting. It's about a kid named Stanley who is accused of a crime and has to go to this camp. The camp has a huge "lake" which isn't filled with water at all. It hasn't rained in ages. Each day, every kid there had to dig a whole five feet deep and five feet wide to build character. I don't know. It's interesting. But I'd rather see Shia Labeuoff (sp?) any day. LOL j/k.

    What I learned today:
    *~*Never judge somebody before examining their whole package and what they have to offer. Never judge somebody, period.*~*

    Much love and eskimo kisses.

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