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orestes978 (orestes978) wrote,
@ 2011-08-28 14:08:00
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    Current mood:awake

    Are These Costumes Arty or Sexy--You Be the Judge
    County fair season is quickly approaching for the Caribbean and locations across the world. In summer months you can find Carnivals throughout: St. Vincent, Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada, Antigua, Birmingham, Toronto, and New York. In summer months you can find Carnivals in: St. Vincent, Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada, Antigua, London, Toronto, and New York. Each wedding ring leader is faced with a critical predicament, they must choose a theme and the outfits that are created must directly relate to and illustrate the theme that they choose in a artistic manner. Band frontrunners can also go the hot route, meaning that they can decorate their bands in an ostentatiously first-rate and sexy display of bikini clad members resplendent inside beads, feathers, sequins and appliques; your theme is relegated on the nether regions in favor of a riotous display that is only dictated by vibrant color coordination. I have participated in a few Carnivals (Barbados and Trinidad) and, actually, if there was a theme I am unable to recall what it might have been. I truly do, however, vividly recall the lively colors for the sexy halloween costumes, but the theme that the shades were supposed to be illustrating offers completely slipped my mind. Barbados' Cable tv & Wireless Contact, for example, ended up being among the first primary bands to initiate the Crop-Over festival in Barbados 80s costumes. The costumes are simply magnificent and the acts and leisure on the street and in the attend are going to be mesmerizing. You have to wonder just what designations like Radiance, Sassy, Sensuous, as well as Virtuous mean for the costumes that will bear those particular brands. How do the names relate to particular color choices and themes normally. I am often bothered that although I am supposed to be participating in a West Indian cultural custom that is supposed to be reflective in the beautiful artistry of the culture;I am decked out in a swimsuit and beads and feel part of a bikini brigade containing little to do with cultural art or true mas. There are some creative designers who feel the same way, within Trinidad, Brian McFarlane has eschews the swimwear and beads that have become common and has embraced more theatrical and dramatic costuming as is evidenced from the work he did for the 2005 Carnival display "The Washing" (the look is below). The issue everyone's with artistic costumes is they are usually made from quite a bit of cloth. And let's be honest, who really really wants to be completely covered up within the heat of Carnival/Caribana/Crop-Over/Labour Day Because Trinis state, Carnivals are about experience free and "playing yuself. "But when you see MacFarlane's work walking as time goes on,you will be awestruck and think to oneself that you have witnessed true "high mas. " Given the stifling humidity, nevertheless, you will probably be happy looking at the costume and not wearing one. Sexy bikinis and beads are very attractive after all! There must be some sort of midst road between the two beliefs. Someone must be able to art an artistic costume that is hot and does not use much fabric that can be easily worn whilst participating in the parade. A number of bands have embraced the guts road in recent years, unfortunately none in my homeland have at the time of yet,you can choose between stringent artistry or absolutely hot here. It is not possible to get both ideals in one costume, you must choose one or the additional. Trinidad's Carnival Tribe has been very good at representing the middle highway. In 2007 they introduced the theme "Ole Time Some thing Come Back Again" which, in my opinion, ended up being terrific. You could clearly tell what their theme ended up being but their outfits were hot at the same time. The characterizations of mas numbers like: Pierrot Grenade, Red Indiana, Midnight Robber and Fancy Sailor man were not too gaudy. Seek out yourself homemade halloween costumes. It was a pretty good indication that the trends are shifting. The next year, however, I was quite disappointed because they returned to the beautiful costumes in which carried very little meaning along with represented nothing. Their 2009 display for Myths and Magic was entitled Charisma. iron man costume Now, don't misconstrue what I feel saying. This does not mean that I am slamming the decisions of bandleaders, nicely, not completely. I would certainly be a hypocrite to do so as I have took part in their bands each year as well as understand that that is the business. I've talked to them at length about the issue and they completely understand; a lot of them were raised with the brazillian carnival tradition and started since active band members and also would participate in costume design where they would enjoy the fellowship as well as the scent of hot adhesive that was prevalent in mas ideologies. Carnival is a massive enterprise these days and being businessmen and women they have to pay attention to what makes money. But, I can hope more and more bandleaders begin to embrace the channel road. It can be done. What do other islandistas think.

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