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orcrist314 (orcrist314) wrote,
@ 2011-10-09 05:47:00
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    Current mood:worried

    Basic Playing surface and also Turf Menu - Sluggish Prepare food Fowl Leg Meat as well as Deer Crock

    A lot of crock-pot recipes are focused about one protein supply (fowl, meat, fish, and other). One way, other than using plenty of spices or herbs, is to put yet another health proteins. This particular recipe does this along with doing this gives a amazing blend of tastes unavailable with just one. Wild deer meats (venison) features a exclusive flavour. It preferences similar to beef however carries a "wild game" flavour. Any time joined with darkish beef hen, along with gradual cooked properly, you recruit a quite yummy flavour mix. I might serve this together with prepared brownish almond as well as perhaps sometimes a cast salad of Cole slaw.


    1 lb regarding cubed boneless deer meat
    1 lb of poultry " leg " meat, skinned boned, clipped regarding excess fat, and also cubed
    3 large carrots, cubed
    1 significant carrot, diced
    1 eco-friendly bell pepper, seeded and minimize directly into strip
    1 significant onion, marauded
    1 clove garlic, peeled and also chopped up skinny
    1 tsp . dried out thyme
    pepper and salt to be able to tastes
    1 can squashed tomatoes
    1 mug poultry stock
    3 tbsps just about all purpose flour
    4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


    1 - Utilize a beef pounder to beat your deer meat ice cubes
    2 - Put 2 tbsps . regarding essential olive oil to your heated up black iron skillet.
    3 - Put in the carrot, bell spice up, onion along with garlic clove, as well as saut until crispy sensitive, and then take away and hang aside.
    4 - Combination the particular sodium, pepper, thyme and flour with a large bowl.
    5 - Put the actual cubed deer various meats and hen and tremble for you to coat nicely.
    6 - In the exact same fry pan, add another 2 tablespoons regarding organic olive oil as well as saut the actual deer various meats and fowl right up until starting to dark brown.
    7. Include the actual tomatoes with their fruit juice along with clean in the browned pieces around the skillet bottom level, then eliminate almost all in the crock-pot.
    8 - Add the actual apples, carrot, and fowl share and also blend well.
    9 - Prepare pertaining to 4 a long time on loaded with a crock-pot.
    Assist around cooked properly brownish hemp.

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