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Mr. Self Destruct (oranglow) wrote,
@ 2004-01-28 00:17:00
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    Dropping at&t wireless...
    I just found out that At&t is going to be bought by Cingular wireless. Crazy uh? I mean At&t used to be the big bad boy on the block that could take buisness away from you because they had killer deals. Only now they have to gip there own customers to get buisness and that is what sucks. I will give you 2 examples for what At&t has done to my family and I.

    (1) On the phone I use, it has an indicator that tells me when I am in roaming or getting close to roaming. So when I drove to Georgia, I didn't use it. I only used it when the indicator read, 'at&t' service. Or when it read 'Extended Area' which means you are in an area that at&t has connections with another company. I never once used it when it was in roaming, well wait, there was one time in Mississippi...Jackson...but it was only for 15 min and it was an emergency. So anyways, we get back home from a week long trip and guess what bill awaits us? A 436 US dollar bill...I am not talk german marks or Japanese ¥. US DOLLARS! We contested it of course and they told us that we were roaming in Georgia, but the phone lied! It said 'at&t' service on it. I mean geeze, if I was in roaming! tell me! Do you think I would rack up even 50 dollars in roaming charges?! Heck no. So anyways, they forced us to pay it. Oh and by the way here is an example of their customer care service.

    (1) My mom called and talked to 'Guy' and he said that he could credit our account with $50...and he kept asking my mother if that was ok. My mother kept asking for more, I mean at least half. He wouldn't budge. So when my mom asked to speak to his supervisor, the guy wedged in there that we were ok with our current contract ending in 2005...NO WAY! We only signed up for a 12 month contract, and it was supposed to be gone in June. So anyways, He told me that when he credited us the $50 dollars it extended our contract another 6 months! He never said anything of the sort. So then my mom said we wanted the $50 but refused to extend the contract, I then encouraged her to end it and call back and get someone else.
    She got a woman named, 'brenda'. This woman said while looking at our account that our contract has been extended and that $50 was creditted to us, but then taken off. That little jerk extended the contract even though we told him no, and then took the 50 away. This woman fixed it for us...and we had to pay the full amount.

    (2) Just yesterday we received a bill from At&t wireless, saying that we owe then 190 dollars!!! NO WAY I say...It says on there that we were late with our last bill, which is an outright lie. The billing statement says that if you contest a bill you have an extended time to pay. They didn't give us that extention. Little buggers.

    So in conclusion, SCREW At&t...I know of a non-profit organazation that had to pay 7,000 dollars to At&t because At&t changed the contract and didn't inform them of the change.

    I am going with either Verizon or Sprint.

    PLEASE DONT SUPPORT AT&T, THEY DONT DESERVE IT. Past this thing around if you want.

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