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>Banana<>Battery< (orangeglow) wrote,
@ 2004-09-14 20:07:00
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    They just dont get it.
    This is a shock, well okay, I guess not really a shock coming from the governer of California.
    Rifle ban signed by governor
    The measure restricts the sale of powerful BMG weapons and bullets in the state.
    By Margaret Talev -- Bee Capitol Bureau
    Published 2:15 am PDT Tuesday, September 14, 2004
    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday signed into law a gun control measure restricting the sale and ownership of a powerful rifle critics said might be used by terrorists.

    His signature on AB 50, by Assemblyman Paul Koretz, D-West Hollywood, came hours after the Republican-led Congress allowed the nation's assault weapons ban to expire, and as Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry used the lapsed ban to attack President Bush on the campaign trail.

    Bush had promised to sign an extension of the federal measure banning 19 military-style assault weapons if it came before him, but supporters of the ban said the president did nothing to encourage Congress to extend it.

    The California measure adds .50-caliber BMG rifles to the state's list of so-called assault weapons and bans the sale of .50 BMG ammunition. Those who already own the rifles would be required to register with the state.

    Schwarzenegger, a Republican, is on record as a gun control advocate although he had not publicly taken an early position on Koretz's measure.

    The governor did not elaborate on why he signed the bill or on the timing of his signature, and his press office declined to comment.

    Law enforcement officials had pushed for strict regulation of the military-grade rifles, saying that, because they can hit targets more than a mile away with precision, they could pose a threat in the hands of terrorists aiming at airplanes or oil refineries.

    Gun rights advocates said the rifles were used by enthusiasts for target practice and have never been used to commit crimes in the state.

    I know that a .50 rifle can only hit things at up to a mile when in the hands of a very experienced shooter, and even then, there is no margin of error. Its interesting...They think they can create a law for terrorist to follow? "Oh great! Sons of Allah! We can't buy the weapons because its against the law! Poopie!" Yeah, like that is going to work. If you look at England and its crime rate back about 10 years, their crime rose like 180% when they banned all hand-guns and rifles inside the city limits of major cities like London. *sigh*, And even the London Chief of Police had his house robbed of everything...they even ripped up his carpet, and guess what?!?!?!?! They all had handguns. Criminals don't obey laws.

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