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Ami (orangeflamingo) wrote,
@ 2003-11-15 19:37:00
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    Current mood: lonely
    Current music:The Little drummer Boy

    Ah...I should probably make an entry here for those not on my friends list...
    Hey...people...things. How are you? ::waits a minute for a reply:: Really? That's good/sucky/okay. Life can only get worse/get better/stay the same for you. Me? Glad you asked/didn't ask. I'm bored out of my freaking mind! >.<

    I just finished cleaning my room and copying all of my German notes from last year into my new notebook, so I could throw the old one away. I notied I'm missing a page of notes. Shoot.

    I'm going to write a poem, just for you. Don't you feel special? It's not about you, though.

    We're so close, yet so far away
    We last talked six months ago, today
    Are you avoiding me or am I avoiding you?
    Are you afraid to communicate, too?

    I see you every morning, but I never wave
    You see me as well, and you do the same
    Remember elementary school and playing with our friends?
    We pretended we were sisters, said our friendship wouldn't end

    But now we've grown so far apart, there's such a big rift
    We've both changed so much, it's impossible to sift
    The similarities and differences in our personalities
    If we tried to call each other, maybe the pain would cease

    Our once-tight friendship is now quaking land
    There are cracks in the soil, once able to withstand
    The pressure of the shifting plates, if only it were not too late
    Perhaps it isn't too late at all, let's not alienate

    We're both falling in the hole too fast, being buried alive
    If I had the courage to call you, maybe we'd survive
    How many years will it be before we talk again?
    Perhaps ten, or twenty, or eighty and then...

    Will we only think to call when it's too late?
    Will we only think to call when one of us has met her fate?
    Let's not wait so long that we regret it later on
    Perhaps I'll call you soon...but probably not at all.

    Heh. Just to be annoying, I won't let that last line rhyme with the line before it.

    Er...yeah, let's see. I'm sorry, I've nothing more to say. I have to go to the mall again, to get that girl scouts stuff...yep. ::nods:: I have a bit more to do in my room. Later. ^^

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