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XEm0tional!X XDork?X XStar.X (opolkaxdotso) wrote,
@ 2003-09-01 12:13:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:Brand new.

    uhh ummm mmmmm.
    today.. no school. was at elies...everyone was over for the holiday. freddy trying mack to me. ha. told me to call him when i want to fuck...and he has a gf. haha. hes funny. i dunno if i should with him. hmm. uhh me and elie sat around with everyone watching tv.. we were supposed to go to dinner with chewey for his bday(it was like sat i think) but he never told us. even though we were getting ready...but he wasnt there so then we decided "lets be dumbasses and go to wal-mart" so around 9 o clock at night we started waliking to wal-mart cause i needed to buy some blank cds so i could burn her ass (not literally) a cd. so we started walking and saw chewey(yeah he showed up late so he wouldnt have to take us out. haha. he was supposed to take us to the mall and buy us shoes too. he didnt. bastard. ha. he told us that we didnt want to go with him so he ate at burrito king by his self. retard. ughh he gets on my nerves sometimes. hes sick..hes like 30 and whistles at me when i go by. eww nasty ass.) so his beaner ass gave us a ride. he has a nice car. its like an older classic racing car type thing.. its silver. not like a race car..but one of those..whats the word... oh "hot rods" ha. yeap. so we went and bought some cds and i needed a new lip gloos...i looked for the one i wanted.. but didnt find it. :-( oh well. theres next time. or another store.ha. so yeah me chewey and elie are walking around was pretty cool. i saw margaret. shes so cute. lol. umm there were a couple hot guys there. woo! so we stood in line for like 10 minutes..paid for my shit..then left..on our way out i saw a hott guy...he had tattoos and stretched ears....he was kinda big though..but hot.. wee! i looked cute today i think..i had on my polka dot skirt( that elie gave me) and my black 10after shirt and my belt of course. i got a lot of looks in wal-mart..either im hott or . or just look "unique" .i think just unique with my own little weird style. lol. and maybe im i dunno. and elie was wearing her cute little skirt. we looked so.."indie/emo" lol....we are.. according to elie. shes so funny. shes a nerd. heh. nerds fucking rock though so its all gravy. ha gay. so yeah we went home and watched tv. i think. blah blah. i have a pretty boring life right now.

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