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XEm0tional!X XDork?X XStar.X (opolkaxdotso) wrote,
@ 2003-08-14 01:15:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:10After

    Are you staring at me!? Am i sexy or what? haha.
    today: the date up there says 14 but its really the 13.. kinda.. i think. yeah heh... k umm..

    well today i woke up around 9 and got ready for school. oh Ceres High started today. haha. stupid normal good kids. lol jk. anyways.. i woke and shit.. then decided i didnt want to go to school. plus ever since i got home from florida ive been sick. all stuffed up and shiz nit. so i felt hella stuffy today.. and yeah. so around 12. guess what..? i got to watch my show that ive missed for like a week now. woo hoo! i was so happy. and ive been reading about it on the internet catching up and shit. i know im hella lame. ha.

    then i was going to go to church with bri but she decided not to . so i went to elies around 5 50 and caught the last few hilarious minutes of the brendan leonard show!! wee hee hee. that show is off the motha fuckin hook essay. haha whoa. i think i got a little carried away with my G talk. heh. so yeah then we went to church. pretty fun... but i swear if those preppy ass bitches keep staring at me.. im gonna fuckin do something harmful to them. haha i go to church and look at my language. heh. oops. so kind erica picked us up and took us.. then we stopped at edgars house and chit chatted a little bit and picked up victor. we then went back to elies and watched: whose line is it anyway?, south park, and reno cops 911 or something like that. oh then we watched vma pre awards(or some shit like that) with bam margera from jackass. damn.. that kid is sooo fucking hott. mmm baby. lol. then my mom came and got me and bitched to elie about my dad. heh. my moms a freak.

    yesterday: went to school. nicoles mom bitched at me and her. heh. oops. i dunno what we did though.. i guess she was just in a bad "bitching" mood. lol. me, mom and my bro got taco bell. mmmm. then me and my mother went and stocked durachell batteries and software at wal-mart in modesto and manteca and might do stockton tomorrow. i got these two cool lights for like 4 bucks each for my room in the manteca wally world. and a black ink cartridge for the printer. and Jacki called me. yay!! i miss her alot. i <3 her.
    oh and me and mom listened to my good ol beatles cd in the car. :-).

    monday:my first day of school. umm on my moms way home from her physical therapy she called me at home and asked if i wanted to go to eat. i said hell yeah since it was food and i dont turn something as good as that down. lol. so we went to marie callendars. it was my first time eating there. good shit dude. i recomend it to any one. so me and my mother had soup and salad. yumm. and then 1 piece of chocalate silk pie to but rich. and i had a mountain dew AND raspberry lemonade(yumm yum yumm) to drink at the same time.. since the waitress got my order of drinks kind of messed up. heh. so yeah. and we sat there and ate our food while talking shit about Ari. haha. fun times.

    Until next time America.. take care of yourself and each other-Jerry Springer.

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