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MeGaN (ophybrown3) wrote,
@ 2003-09-03 18:49:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:uhh.. the tv

    sorry its been awhile.. (no im not quoting a crying bald man) but really it has.. school and sam have kept me busy.. ummm sunday i didnt do anything.. no breakfast bc my gmas outta town, my mom wouldnt let sam over.. so i just sat in my room and pouted.. he came over on monday at like 11am and stayed til 5 bc he had to go to dinner at his familys.. but we made good use of time.. sports--yes.. stairway playing--u guessed it.. sailing--a little bit, shoulda been more but it was weird with my mom in the next room.. she walked in on us making out and we didnt stop.... ahh good times..:):).. umm.. went to school tuesday gimping.. lol OH and i FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY wrote a good happy poem!.. and wednesday got thru school quick bc then i went to GHS and picked up sam!! :):) i missed him so much.. we came to my house and did some homework and then made good use of time(we are so good at that)... he was here from like 330-8.. we were "watching tv" for like 30 mins and i opened my eyes and it was dark.. it was the coolest thing.. made it | | <-- that much better.. he left and i decorated my assignment notebook for like 2 hours and he called and we talked until 11 and i went to bed.. i woke up today and took a shower.. my dad came and got me for school and he gave me this pic he took of me and sam.. OMG! ITS THE BEST PICTURE EVER!! :) i made him take me to walmart and get copys made.. so i was showing everyone at school.. most ppl dont know what he looks like and i figured they mite as well know who im talking about when i talk about him-- thats all i ever talk about anyways.. hehe.. but heez going to his dads this weekend so i think i shall go to the bracketts and make fun of amanda..... (sam---i love u)

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