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charlotte (ooxrandomnessxo) wrote,
@ 2003-11-16 09:27:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:I believe in a thing called love x The Darkness

    uhhhh. Natalie and Trina and Jeff went to the mall yesterday, but I couldn't go!!! *angry* I had to work... I think Sue is gonna hurt me. ut oh. BUT anywaaaaaaaay. I need to do something today, before i die of boredness. YESSIR. Yesterday I also had extremely interesting conversations... lol. This one was great. oO

    bunnyhoppinggood: i love it when you call me big papa
    BoyzInTheHood789: throw your hands in the air, if yous a true playa
    bunnyhoppinggood: cause i see some ladies tonight
    BoyzInTheHood789: that should be havin my
    bunnyhoppinggood: lol charlottes gonna attack me
    beautfulmisxtake: YES I AM
    bunnyhoppinggood: BoyzInTheHood789: who are you
    bunnyhoppinggood: hmm i cant tell you
    bunnyhoppinggood: other than i love you
    only a nxghtmare: lmao
    bunnyhoppinggood: bunnyhoppinggood: ok its me charlotte
    BoyzInTheHood789: ok
    bunnyhoppinggood: you know how your always touching me?well i like it
    BoyzInTheHood789: soo who are
    BoyzInTheHood789: you
    only a nxghtmare: lmao
    only a nxghtmare: omg hahahaha
    beautfulmisxtake: omg!! lmfao
    beautfulmisxtake: can i tell him who you are?
    bunnyhoppinggood: no!
    bunnyhoppinggood: go along with it
    beautfulmisxtake: oops.
    only a nxghtmare: aw you idiot
    bunnyhoppinggood: nice going
    beautfulmisxtake: wait
    beautfulmisxtake: i'll say, okay you caught me
    beautfulmisxtake: its really me
    beautfulmisxtake: OKAY?
    bunnyhoppinggood: fine
    bunnyhoppinggood: BoyzInTheHood789: so you like it when i touch you
    bunnyhoppinggood: yes
    BoyzInTheHood789: you love me
    bunnyhoppinggood: yes
    bunnyhoppinggood: BoyzInTheHood789: i dont believe you
    bunnyhoppinggood: why not
    BoyzInTheHood789: because im probely not your type
    bunnyhoppinggood: what do you mean
    bunnyhoppinggood: bunnyhoppinggood: so will you go out with me?
    BoyzInTheHood789: are you serious
    bunnyhoppinggood: yes
    bunnyhoppinggood: BoyzInTheHood789: no your not
    bunnyhoppinggood: yes i am!
    BoyzInTheHood789: prove it
    only a nxghtmare: lmao
    beautfulmisxtake: OMMMGGGGGG
    bunnyhoppinggood: bunnyhoppinggood: do you have any idea how much ive had to go through to tell you?!
    bunnyhoppinggood: ill tell everyone tuesday at school
    bunnyhoppinggood: BoyzInTheHood789: tell them what
    bunnyhoppinggood: that i love you
    only a nxghtmare: haha
    bunnyhoppinggood: bunnyhoppinggood: so will you go out with me?
    BoyzInTheHood789: i dont believe its you
    bunnyhoppinggood: why not!
    bunnyhoppinggood: bunnyhoppinggood: im on my friends s/n
    BoyzInTheHood789: i doubt it
    bunnyhoppinggood: i am
    bunnyhoppinggood: im using aim plus

    omg Jeff is hilarious. lmfao.

    ;; i wanna kiss you every minute, every hour, every day. you got me in a spin but everything is A.O.K! touching you, touching me touching you, god you're touching meeeee .x

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