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Danielle (oooloveablemeoo) wrote,
@ 2003-09-29 19:39:00
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    i hate science..
    today was decent with the exception of being isolated to the back of the science classroom because i was talking to much to elizabeth....yes hard to imagine me talking to much. yea it was like a refridgerator cuz i was sitting under the fan so now i have like pneunomia!!! lol. so anyway the rest of school went by and i was happy to find out i didnt fail my ss test. actully i passed with an 86 but sitll i would have liked to do better. after school i had cheerleading and we are actully working on slowing down the dance because its to fast lol. after cheerleading i auditioned for the school play. my audition was alright although i think i could have done better. I hear through people that freshmen are never EVER picked for leads so i dout i will get one. Call backs are tomorrow. and even if i dont get a lead i wont be upset cuz im gonna have a christmas carol also. :-D i love acting a lot for n e body who couldnt figure that out lol. it makes me happy :-D well i gotta go cuz i have a big french test tomorrow, a science quiz, and a ton of homework (math which i have no idea how on earth to do!!! maybe i shouldnt have been playing a game on my calculator the whole period :-o) well im out.... leave ur comments if u love me :-D


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