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Heather (oo1stunna1oo) wrote,
@ 2004-01-04 18:14:00
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    Current mood: loved

    Well, first let's start off by saying hello!!! HELLO EVERYBODY!!! Next, I also would like to say that the previous journal entry about Ryan and I was a huge mix up. Things are better than ever and this new year has started off fantastic. We have started fresh with everything, not holding back anything and leaving ur pasts behind us and looking forward to our future together. So whoever wrote that comment your wrong and your just jealous, just like my girl Monica said. OMG MON!!!!!!!!! GIRL I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! YOU ARE SO FREAKING AWESOME!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! Yeah the other day I was thinking to myself, "where the hell has Mon been?" LOL Awwwwwwwwww your cute!! Definately we will have to hang out, and possibly go shopping, because I'm in need of mre clothes I've already worn all mine. Anyway, life is great like usual, waterpolo this year is awesome we have a kick ass team this year!! Our record is 5-3 w00t w00t!! Yes I know we're freaking awesome. And over winter break I went to Ohio and visited my Grandparents. Fun Fun..but I didn't get any damn snow!! :::::grrrrrrr::::::: I had fun though, and yes I love school so much I brought my homework along with me and did it. Yes I know I'm a freak!! haha But hey now I don't have to stress about it. right? right!! Anyway, yeah school starts tomorrow I kind of can't wait, because in Government I have this trial thing and I'm a prosecutor and all that hunky dory stuff.
    ~~One last thing I would like to say before I go is that I LOVE YOU RYAN YOST!! I am so glad that you and I are stronger than ever, and this year is going to be better for the both of us. I love the time that we spend together and even the rest we both get from each other to be with our friends. Like the saying goes, "the way you spend your New Year's is the way you spend the rest of the year." Well, I spent my New year with you and you made me very Happy, and vice versa, so then that automatically qualifies us as the happiest couple of the year. I love you Ryan!!!!!!!

    ~~Alrighty now peace outtie and A Happy New Year to all even to you the anonymous person that made the comment!! :-) Smile!!

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