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Kevins Fiance (onlyontuesdaysg) wrote,
@ 2004-02-08 10:26:00
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    Current mood::: Not Quite Awake::
    Current music:Radio-Goldfinger

    Senses Fail vs Finch: Finch

    The Starting Line vs The Early November: Starting Line

    Homegrown vs Fenix Tx: Homegrown

    MxPx vs Less Than Jake: LESS THAN JAKE

    Rancid vs The Transplants: damnit i love them both..hmm...Rancid

    Plain White T's vs Hidden In Plain View: Hidden In Plain View

    Hot Cross vs Planes Mistaken For Stars: neither

    Spitalfield vs Fall Out Boy: Fall Out Boy

    Saves The Day vs Taking Back Sunday: Taking Back Sunday

    Sunny Day Real Estate vs Jawbreaker: Jawbreaker

    The Promise Ring vs Jets To Brazil: The Promise Ring

    The Movielife vs Allister: Both

    The Misfits vs Minor Threat: Minor Threat

    Crass vs The Germs: None

    The Clash vs The Ramones: The Ramones

    Foo Fighters vs Nirvana: Nirvana but I love Foo Fighters to

    Lagwagon vs Bad Astronaut: neither

    Story Of The Year vs Glassjaw: Glassjaw

    Matchbook Romance vs Hot Rod Circuit: Matchbook Romance

    Yellowcard vs The Starting Line: Starting Line

    The All American Rejects vs Good Charlotte: hmm..i wonder..GOOD CHARLOTTE but AAR are awesome to

    Lillix vs Avril Lavigne: OMG NEITHER

    Wakefield vs Good Charlotte: ..GOOD CHARLOTTE

    Sum 41 vs Simple Plan: Sum 41 cause simple plan SUX

    No Doubt vs Save Ferris: No Doubt

    Reel Big Fish vs Less Than Jake: Less Than Jake

    Thrice vs Thursday: Thrice

    Mustard Plug vs Five Iron Frenzy: neither

    The Pietasters vs The Planet Smashers: neither

    Avenged Sevenfold vs Poison The Well: Poison tthe well

    Vendetta Red vs My Chemical Romance: Vendetta Red

    Cursive vs Bright Eyes: Bright Eyes

    The Postal Service vs Death Cab For A Cutie: none

    Elliot Smith vs Ben Folds: None

    Ben Kweller vs Adam Green: None

    Maxeen vs Acceptance: Maxeen

    Incubus vs Hoobastank: Both

    The Ataris vs Sugarcult: Ataris

    The Alkaline Trio vs Reggie and The Full Effect: Alkaline Trio

    The Get Up Kids vs The New Amsterdams: Get Up Kids

    Midtown vs Name Taken: Midtown

    Slick Shoes vs Rufio: Slick Shoes

    The Weakerthans vs Fountains Of Wayne: Fountains of Wayne

    The Rolling Stones vs Aerosmith: Boh

    Billy Idol vs Billy Squire: Billy Idol -he used to be hot

    Guns N Roses vs Metallica: NOO to hard both

    Gob vs Brand New: Gob

    Ben Lee vs Rufus Wainright: neither

    Dashboard Confessional vs Further Seems Forever: Dashboard

    Saves The Day vs Coheed and Cambria: neither

    Ok Go vs Hot Hot Heat: Hot HOt Heat

    NoFx vs Bad Religon: NoFx

    Taking Back Sunday vs Straylight Run: Taking Back Sunday

    Straylight Run vs Something Corporate: Something Corporate

    Rx Bandits vs Catch-22: RX Bandits

    Q and Not U vs Bowling For Soup: Bowling For Soup

    Mest vs Good Charlotte: o god hard one...Both

    Dropkick Murphys vs Flogging Molly: FLogging Molly

    The Casualities vs Swingin' Utters: The Casualities

    The Offspring vs Green Day: Both

    Fugazi vs Rites Of Spring: neither

    Count The Stars vs Matchbook Romance: Matchbook Romance

    h2o vs Lagwagon: H2O ther awesome

    Jimmies Chicken Shack vs SR-71: Jimmies Chicken Shack

    Jimmy Eat World vs Green Day: Both

    Mad Caddies vs Unsung Zeros: Mad Caddies

    Ozma vs Zwan: Zwan

    No Use For A Name vs Anti-Flag: Anti-Flag

    Against Me! vs Rise Against: neither

    River City Rebels vs Lost City Angels: River City Rebels

    The Lawerence Arms vs Manic Hispanic:

    Avoid One Thing vs Autopilot Off: Autopilot off

    The Mighty Mighty Bosstones vs The Supertones: neither

    Trebel Charger vs Gob: Gob

    Stroke 9 vs American Hi-Fi: American Hi Fi

    Rooney vs Phantom Planet: Rooney

    New Found Glory vs Bowling For Soup: NFG

    Limbeck vs Sunday Driver: Sunday Driver

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