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Kendall (ones_tragedy) wrote,
@ 2003-12-24 21:46:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:ALONE I BREAK-- KORN

    omg tonite is awesome now that i am at my nanny rea's. I went to my nanny rose's and i wish i coulda killed someone that was like my main goal of the eveing. I really can't stand that family but now i am at my nanny reas and its awesome. I have finally reached sanity! yay! Newho i got some awesome shit from my nanny rea. I got Korn the untouchables! 1 of like 3 korn cd's i asked for which is awesome. And i got blink 182. And a whole lot of other shit its aweseomn dude. And she got a new computer which is aweomse to its soo chillen. i ahven't talked to justin but for like 5 min today which sux yea, but if he wants his christmas presents then he will make an effort to call me or come over my house or he won't get them. I jus got him a hat and a necklace that he wanted. and now my cousin is sitting on my lap. Haha and tonite is awesome now that i am with ppl i get along with. Yea i went to my nanny roses and i hate them. dude in the car my dad asked me if i could try not to be rude crude and social unacceptable. I was like dude blow me. And thn i got in the house and they started raggin on my braclets. Gee how did i know. I knew that was gunna be the topic of the night and i can't get one good comment outta those ppl. There so thoughtless about other ppls feelings. Dude im gunna be what i wanna be and im jus gunna do me. Im not gunna be somethin they want me to be to fit in the crowd or to fit into some mold they think teens in society should be. Thats not me and they can jus blow me for all i care. Cuz i dont care. At all. But now i am in a happy palce and every thing is GREAT. I love my moms family there soo... so... SANE. And it works! aww gee tomorrow is christmas and i can't wait i will be with my moms family more than my dads insane one and it works. I love my dad but not his family. At all. ahhh. Im not gunna keep goin on and on about his family and the shit they put me thru tonite b/c now im happier in a better house hold not full of hostility!!!! MUCH LOVE TO EVERYONE. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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