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tang! (onemoreday) wrote,
@ 2006-06-25 13:35:00
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    rambly college concerns.

    I really hope I get along with my roommates. I want to live in the Castle. It houses residents in rooms of two to six. So I could have up to five other people to get along with.. No microwaves in the castle.
    They've started tripling kids in rooms for my year. Triple!! IN what usually only has two people..
    Well, even if I don't like it, I'm just going to leave the next semester and get my own room (and cook my own food..) in scotland.
    I hope everything goes well in Scotland and I don't spend too much money.
    I do hope I don't end up spending a lot of money I don't have. I mean, that's a pretty standard worry.
    I hope I don't want to come home too often because I don't think I can secure a car anyways so I'll hardly be able to. I wish I could though. especially with my house being more or less empty. My brother is staying here, I believe, but I don't really care. I mean, he's a neat kid and all but we get along very well mostly because we don't really talk to each other that much. oh well. Party at my house : P
    The class that worries me the most next year is chem. Sure, Biology is going to be hard. and it IS my major. I don't know what math I'll be in, and I know I'll have to in Honors Eng because I'm in the honors program (so math is likely adv. too). But see, at bigger schools the Bio kids would take slightly easier chem. But we're too small for that and we take Chem with the kids who are majoring in chemistry.

    I got a summer reading book. A summer reading book!!! I was so excited to fnally have a summer where I wouldn't have to deal with summer reading.. But it's okay. for one, It's a graphic novel. I already finished it the first day I had it. (I also just got it wet and wrinkly and gross). It's a good book, too, about a girl growing up in Iran. It's called Persepolis, check it out.

    I'm bored now and I'm going to go clean my room / get distracted by my sewing machine

    (sewing machine has been finally named "usagi" which means rabbit in japanese. it looks like a pink bunny.)


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