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! (onelastdance) wrote,
@ 2003-06-08 12:10:00
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    Current mood: content
    Current music:coheed and cambria - god send conspirator

    So I played the best that I could. As much as self-denial had prevented me from doing so before, I played my heart out. And I finally felt a sense of closure. 10 years, spent in that little white room with the desk, bookshelf, 4 chairs, and a music stand. 10 years for someone else. But now it's over, like so many other things, and I'm one step closer to moving on. And moving out. In August.

    Nitz and I crawled into Tina's jetta out of the rain. We blasted the new Brandnew album, all the way down 25. And then ended up at castle golf. And Nitz started being very sexual... ;) Then we watched False Appearance do their thang. And they did their thang quite well. Andrew is sick. And I got mad hugs, woooo<3. We then proceeded to Starbucks to round up a crowd to bring to Nitz's un-parented house. And we partied, like woah. Jimmy dumped water all over my white shirt. I listened to Radiohead over Maureen's cell phone. I made crazy good quesadillas, and Rico made omelets. Walter and Tom came. I harassed the big turtle. And harassed other people with it. Andrew came. And then we all sat around. Tina drove home Zac and Jimmy. ... right. And then I got the jetta to drive the hauppauge kids home (since George only has one headlight... yes, wallflowers reference here). Driving her car always gets me scared, but it went alright. And then I came back to Nitz's to hear the news... *wink wink*. And then went home, only to hear about my brother's night and how he and his girlfriend went swing dancing. <333 I love them.

    Today, Nitz and I are going to buy tix for a sick show, that shall remain nameless for now. And we'll have some sex as well.


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