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Andrew (onceuponacrime) wrote,
@ 2003-08-31 18:18:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:At the drive in!

    San Diego Day 3
    Well today i woke up and had a bunch of calls on my cell phone. Im gone and i get calls... Well i called some of the people back and stuff cause i get free roaming. Then we went to the beach. I boogie boarded for a bit and there was sooo much seaweed. ICK! Then we ate lunch and i was like putting hot stuff on chips and it was sooo fun. I love eating hot sauce and jalepenos and all sorts of stuff. People are like isnt it hot I look at them with a straight fine face nope cause it isnt. I want to try the spiciest thing in the world. That would be fun. then i went into this cool like guitar/ pipes/ band shirts/ gags store. Weird combination but it was cool. then i went into a used cd store they had a bunch of old good rock music ive been listening to all this awesome rock music here and my aunt and uncle like my music. There soo cool. Then we headed back and went swimming and yeah. Im going to be ungrounded from computer tomorrow!!>!>M!NE:WJFWRJ! PARTY!@!@! OH YEAH I talked to kayla today. I so hate her now everyone else comes before me and she like said all this stuff bout liking me and then turned around and goes out with this kid thats dying or something named james and yeah i dont want to even talk to her anymore. That was like my day. Pretty SPiffy

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