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Tito (omegamatrix) wrote,
@ 2004-01-07 23:25:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:1000 words - Koda Kumi- FFX-2 soundtrack

    Does anyone else think that Shawn updates his blurty too much? Hehe, sorry I just wanted to add a little variety to the entries. I really should go read but I'll talk a little. I don't have much to say. I don't feel like talking about school... so I won't. Lately things outside of school have been going fine. I haven't beat MGS yet... damn it... this weekend. At any rate, I start Jujitsu again next week after finals. I have the worst final schedule in the entire planet. Here we go, I suppose I WILL discuss it:

    Monday: 1st and 7th period finals. To me this means I have my Spanish final and then the afternoon free since I don't have a 7th period class.

    Tuesday: 2nd and 6th period. This is where things start to get rough. Second period is AP Human Georgraphy and I need this grade to get an A... ah well... Then in the afternoon I have my Chem. final.

    Wednesday: 3rd and 4th. They just couldn't have done 3rd and 5th could they have?! NO! OFCOURSE NOT! I bet its because they purchased NGages the day they came out and the resulting loss of IQ points made them decide to put my two hardest class finals on the same day... math and english.

    Thursday: My archery final. Hah. Then I get to go home for a long weekend.

    I wish things were just more evenly spaced. Mr. Aiken, my AP human geography teacher DID ask me to do a presentation dealy on wednesday night and present to a bunch of 8th graders looking to go to Boulder High next year. I suppose it would be an honor although he his reasons for asking me seem slightly less honor-worthy. I think I was the first person he saw. Hehe.... you can't win them all.

    What else to say, eh? I suppose that I miss all of you a lot. I am happy here to an extent. The only thing bringing me down is school, but I can deal with it... not like it takes up 8 to 12 hours of my day everyday... *cough*. I should probably go to bed. So ALAS! I must away... sleep well St. Augustine!
    - Nez

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