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Jess (ohsoinlove) wrote,
@ 2003-07-14 00:54:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Lucky Boys Confusion-Bossman

    crazy days and crazy nights
    man these past couple of days have been pretty damn cool.

    friday night Joyce, Stina, Maddie, Amanda, Ann and me went to go see Lucky Boys Confusion at the Curtain Club. The website, official news letter, and all said that the show would start at 8. We get there, it’s about 7:30, and we get in the club, and wait... what’s that... the show started at 5PM? Yea, so we missed them. And for lack of better things to do, we walked around. We pasted Fat Ted’s and there was a sign outside saying “LUCKY BOYS CONFUSION! TONIGHT! NO COVER!” so we asked the bouncer about it, and he said they’d just came by and asked to play, and that all we needed to get in was our IDs. But Maddie and Amanda didnt have their IDs, so they were going to sit outside and wait for us, but the bouncer decided to be nice, and let them go in anyways. Man, LBC was AWESOME. They were sooo effin drunk, and funny. Very very funny. Maddie was rockin’ out like WHOA! I loved it. She’s what music is about. She’s that fan that makes people want to be in a band. She can jam to any music, and love it. She IS the music. After LBC got finished, we stayed around and talked to them for a while, and it was about 3 by the time we got out. Then after that we went home, and Joyce and Me decided to go IHOPing, and we were there for maybe 10 minutes when Ann, Amanda, and Maddie showed up. Twas good times. I didnt get to bed till about 6:20 am.

    saturday - sunday[3pm-ish] i cleaned and weeded.

    then after the gardening and cleaning fun, Mary and Me went to Central Market. Man that place rocks the casba. Then we got sushi and went to go see [yes dallas laugh it up. efffff you.] Legally Blonde II: Red, White, & Blue. It was stupid in a cute way. Not a classic by any means, but that’s not what i was expecting. And now i’m home. With Mary. I think we’re going to go watch Requiem For a Dream

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