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Sexual anesthetic (oh_my) wrote,
@ 2004-10-14 00:47:00
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    Current mood:disappointed

    today I ate:
    cranberry juice
    kraft dinner

    msn-only when you realize the gem I am

    I watched the debate tonight of course and seriouslym neither of those men won anything. I loved Bob Schfieer, he's fucking great.
    I don't believe Kerry did terribly, but it could have cost him the election. But I don't believe Bush did well enough tonight to win the election either.

    There are many things I disagree with Kerry on, but he is the man for the job. I love how he always wears his Lance Armstrong bracelet. I love that Michael J Fox was sitting with Tearesa during the debate.

    NHL Hockey was supposed to start I am the last person to call myself a die hard hockey fan. I only watch during the playoffs if Colorado made it (which, obviously, they always do).
    In Canada, every Saturday, there was a show called Hockey Night in Canada, last year was it's 50th annivesary. YOU CAN'T NOT PLAY HOCKEY AND STOP HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA! What are people supposed to do with their Saturday's now?
    The Hockey players are acting like the stupid baseball players last year. Grow the heck up.

    I painted a picture today.

    I've been excited about my birthday for awhile and I've had this feeling I'd be disappointed. I've discovered why, but it's alright. I feel like a horrible person, but I know I'm deserving.

    "you owe me nothing gor giving the love that I give
    you owe me nothing for caring the way that I have"
    -Alanis Morissette

    I have no mailing address. The lease or whatever ran out on our postal box a few weeks ago, and my mum hasn't gotten around to paying it, so any mail we get, it's returned to sender, saying there is no such address. My mum hasn't been a frequent mail checker the past year and a half anyway. She'd only check the box maybe once a month, when she got home she'd hand me the huge pile of mail and tell me to hide it so Scott wouldn't see all the "open immediate-lys" from the credit card company. There are piles of un-open mail from months ago.
    I don't like hiding a burden.

    I'll be most likely dying my hair tomorrow. Cannot wait.

    My new favorite word is "perhaps". It is suggestive, yet not.

    I am very interesting, and do many things all day...I just choose not to write about I'll just say the same things I always say, although they are very true.

    I can't wait until my birthday, and Wayne's house on Saturday. and I love Wayne, despite the pokes and prods I've been feeling as of late.

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