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Sexual anesthetic (oh_my) wrote,
@ 2004-03-30 22:28:00
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    Current mood:content

    i287 so51 i'm31
    the227 me48 know31
    to201 we47 like29
    and168 be45 up28
    a118 with43 today28
    you110 your42 out28
    it96 all41 on28
    of87 do40 had25
    is77 this40 they24
    in74 what39 at24
    that73 are39 one23
    my66 am37 about23
    was63 not36 love23
    for61 just34 want23
    but57 she31 there22
    have55 he31 don't22
    LJ Word Count (Beta!) by hutta

    I have said LOVE more then THAT!

    Today I ate:(far too much)
    half a bagel

    msn-waking up for breakfast burning matches talking quickly loading garbage drinking sodas looking happy taking pictures so stupid

    On Friday 25 kids were signed up for 30 Hour Famine. Guess how many are signed up now? 82. I never ever thought it would come to that, but it's still awesome. I am baking brownies on Thrusday night for the 'banquet' they are eating before the famine starts.

    When I realised in February that the grade 12 ents weren't going to be doing too much, I told mr Lockyer I wanted to do a talent show and I wanted it to be my venture. There is going to be a Talent show. And it is my venture (in part), but it's NOTHING like I wanted it, of course.
    It's going to be on April 29th, at the 7pm-10pm. Fuck. I wanted it to be a buy-out duuring 3rd and 4th just for the sudents but no lets ruin everything. I talked to the fashion show team and tried to convince them to have a nghttime show and give us the buy out (ms beck says we're only allowed to have two buy outs a semester). But they baiscally said "fuck you" cause they are doing a buy out AND a night time show, so we're fucked and they won't budge.
    And I think it's bullshit about the two buyout a semester rule cause last semester the only buyout there was was the Rock show. The Chris MacKay show didnt count cause it was only for 3rd. The hockey game was really early in the semester and the fashion show is an ass, so we're stuck with a shitty night.
    I am sure it's going to fine anyway, but we want to get 350 people in the gym at 7pm at night for 5$ a person. On a Thursday. shoot me in the head.

    Today me. Stacey and Lee are sitting in the library at a table and I look over at Katie Gootsman and she's holding a poster from the show on saturday. and I commented on it and she said:
    "oh are you guys going"
    and we were like.."man it was last weekend...and it was cool and I organized it blah blah".
    Then I cannot remember the next few sentences but out of nowhere she starts bshing Unsolicited like crazy.
    "UGH! I saw them and I didn't like them at all"
    and she went on. "You like them?"
    "I'm going out with the guitarist"
    and Stacey defended them to the death and was telling her why she liked them and etc.
    Turns out she saw them about a year ago and just didn't like them enough to ever go back. Okay they've improved a million times since then and shut up. poopy head.

    Stacey and I, best fans ever.

    I hate it when people talk to me and I don't want them to but they don't get the point like Lucas Hall, or Greg Stringer, or Ryan Booth, or Jason Armstrong. But Jason knows I don't want him there...he's just an idiot.

    Jo and I skipped 2nd today and went to Tim Hortons, and sat at our bench and discovered the wonderfulness of Stedmans.

    I am very happy for stuent teacher Jen. I promise that's not your new title dear haha. The gift in your wallet is a very good sign indeed.

    Vote Liberal, NDP this election because if the Conservatives win I'm moving to Japan. If they win we're going to Iraq and I'll have to pull out the peace sign picket again.
    But since I should be supporting my party VOTE GREEN YOU!

    British kid Adam and I have a conversation about The Darkness everyday and it's awesome.

    I love my breasts.

    I like the people in my fourth period class. I love Zach Billard, he's one of the coolest people I know, and I have come to really like Mackenzie Best, I had her wrong. Scott Keer, Tiffany Struthers, Stacey, Angela, Lee, Renee, and Lucy. Too cool people.

    It overwhelmes me how much in love I actually am. Just wow.

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