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Sexual anesthetic (oh_my) wrote,
@ 2004-02-19 22:16:00
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    Current mood:annoyed

    Today I ate:
    orange juice
    piece of a piece of cake
    fries, chicken fingers
    frozen yogurt

    msn-I want to lick johnny depp

    I hate my fourth period class.

    I hate having to explain myself, all the time. I hate not having a concrete answer to anything so I sit there thinking I am doing every worng. I hate working with ms markle in the library. I hate having to research old social scientists, that didn``t have any concrete influence. I hate having to site everything to a core. I hate having to make a two page slide show. What the fuck is the point of thatÉ And having to use power point. I am using corel and if they don``t like that they can friggin eat me. I hate hate hate that class.

    I went to Wayne``s house today opposed to the Hockey game that took up most of the school day. I stand by my decsion cause it was extremly worth it. I am supposed to be seeing him tomorrow night, well off the school bus to whenever I could get shipped off home by an unknown method. But now the radio and TV are freaking out about the weather which s making mum freaked out about thw weather. The buses may be cancelled tomorrow. If they are no Wayne. Fuck. I do not like weather and I do not like....stuff.

    Why people even talk to me I``ll never know.

    My keyboard it fucked and I don``t know how to fix it. É that is supposed to be a question mark. Maybe it shows up fine on your screen..but not mine.

    whoa..I just looked to my right and there is a spider wed from my computer chair, to my record player...and there is a big spider just sitting there. That``s awesome. There is about half a meter between my chair and vinyl outputter.

    I cannot skip fourth anymore. Despite my utmost hatred for it.

    I want to dye my hair again. right now. Then cut it.

    Arrive Alive guys.

    I could cut my hair all by myself right now, but my mother would shoot me.

    I am going to be 18. In october. And I worry about ``my mother`` freaking out over my hair. I am going to be 18. In october. And I still have to ask to go places. I hate my life. I hate where it is. I hate where it is going. I hate where it has been.
    Thats. Not nessicarliy. True. But I am so. Full of. Anger.

    I am Jack`s resentment.

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