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hannahbanana (oh_look_pie) wrote,
@ 2004-09-30 08:08:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:home grown - brand new

    na na na na na this is a DISASTEEEEEER
    meh. nothing much. a boy invited me to go to an arcade as friends and when he asked me i could stand him and now i really can't and it's eating away at me. really. i can't stand myself for not being able to stand him. it's everything i ever hated and it's become me. why the fuck can't i take this? i've got a ready-made excuse and everything, but i still feel bad about it. it's clear he like-likes me but i can't stand being around him. it's shallow, yes, but he's so ugly and his voice is just so grating. it's like that guy from alkaline trio, not the lead singer but the other gu that sings on practically every fucking track. his voice feels like that material that makes your skin feel dirty when you touch it.

    i'm in the library because i forgot today was tutorial and so i've got like two hours to kill. woohoo. i'd rather be asleep in bed. i like forced myself out of bed, slapped some eyeliner and some clothes on and left without breakfast and for WHAT?? empty halls, that's what. goddamn.

    these two girls in health the other day, we had to get a partner to draw their emotion and they were parntners. (my emotion was apathy, by the way.) one said, 'my emotion is pain, because that's what i feel right now.' and the other one said, 'mine's depression because i'm depressed. i try to hide it but...' it's so goddamn SAD is what i think. everybody's depressed and everybody cuts themselves and it's so awful it makes me want to scream. (i've pretty much stopped the cutting! woohoo!)


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