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Joseph (ogreman) wrote,
@ 2004-03-09 20:19:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Shine - Collective Soul

    Bored, bored, bored......
    Man this sucks. I am so friggin bored. Aol is boring. yahoo is boring. my games are boring. hell even staring at the ceiling fan has gotten boring. I was supposed to go see britney before she left town for fresno and i was waiting for her to call back when she got over to kits but i guess thats not going to happen now. i should have known. she never has been one to give people calls back on a regular basis. so now im bored like i said. on the plus side one of my stitches fell out on its own yesterday. It was on the side where the tooth wasnt impacted. now if only the other two would hurry up and heal ill be ok. In work related news, the office move date has been pushed back to may 28th. this sucks too because over at the area that im at the sun shines through a door that we have blacked out and it gets liek 90 degrees by 9am. i had my fan on full blast while less than 200 feet away in the other section of accounts payable the women are sitting with thier coats pulled tight and complaining that its cold and thats because its abotu 40 degrees cooler over by them. it also doesnt help that i have a vent over my head. I swear i have found a new diet that works better and you dont even have to change your eating habits in fact you can eat all of the junk food you want. how you ask? simply come sit at my desk and you will sweat away those pounds. in fact the muscles and stuff will just melt straight off your bones lol. talk about thin. anyway i need to go take a vicadin for my tooth. i guess i might as well change because even if brit called right now its to late for me to go over. hmm....ohh yeah we finally got the stupid pipe the right length in the shower so we were able to put the spout on and were waiting for the silicone to dry. tomorrow we paint.

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