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Joseph (ogreman) wrote,
@ 2004-03-01 10:09:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:Echo - Trapt

    Days go by
    Well It is now monday. I had an amazing weekend. On saturday i didnt do much other than wash my truck but sunday was the day that i was waiting for anyway. i went down to modesto to see liz. she invited me to go see the passion of christ with her and a whole bunch of her friends from church. I am not ashamed to admit that the movie made me cry. it was a very moving movie and it was excellent. although i think they should have ended it right after he was taken down off the cross instead of going for the feel good ending of showing him all ressurected and perfectly unscarred except for his hands. Anyway after we saw the movie we walked around modesto for awhile and then took a trip over to the local mall.... it reminded me almost exactly like the one that was down in the bay area when i lived down there. But so yeah anyway every minute with liz was so great. its been a long time since i have truly allowed myself to feel for someone, and im glad that i chose the right person. whoa hey look at the time. i gotta get back to work. more later?!?!

    p.s. wish i could go back this weekend but gotta get my wisdom teeth taken out so im countiung the days until next weekend. i cant wait.

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