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j05h (offroadking) wrote,
@ 2004-04-23 21:08:00
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    i finally got that fucking computer fixed......damn that shit was to old to support pos!

    yea shit is going good i didnt have class this morning and i am bummin it and postin on the website and here.

    yames te amo! tu tambien Baltazarzilla!

    two more weeks til my last day of more money but some damn freedom. once those guys got cant get away but i am going to break that mold. man it may seem cheesy but i want to spend some time with my moms and family i havent seen much of them with schoool and with work and going in on sundays and saturday. man it is tough but i dont think it is my calling anymore but i still am going to minor in it just cuz.

    i am majoring in business..i just found out that the classes i am taking right now are some that i had signed up for in SA but now i drop those and are taking some other ones my schedule is badass i likey.
    on mondays and wed i go in at 9:30 and get out at 12:50 and on tuesdays and thursdays i go in at 1100 to 1.45 i dont think that is too bad but i dont like TR classses they are long. on friday i go in at 9 and get out at 1250 so yea i got a schedule i like it rocks.


    "oil?!?! bitch you cookin'?"


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