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Odysseus (odysseus) wrote,
@ 2004-10-17 08:00:00
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    So, I took the GRE test. It was not what I expected at all. In the olden days, they gave you a paper based test including vocabulary and math problems. Latter on, they changed the format again to a computer based test. These days, however, its totally different: They lock you in a small room with a large man named “Gre” wearing a Mexican wrestling costume, who is confused by mathematics and large words. The sooner you defeat him, the higher your score.

    So, I opened up with ursine which stunned him, and then I lead in with a furry of body blows. However, he would not be defeated so easily, and pretty soon he had me in a head lock. I escaped using the quadratic formula and a vicious elbow to his guts. Then, free of the oppressive grip of Gre, I derived the Euler Formula . This, however, only seemed to make him mad, as he screamed “GRE NO LIKE EULER!” and charged at me.

    So, to deal the final blow, I distracted him by defining floccinaucinihilipilification and then used his own momentum to ram him head first into the wall. That was it, he was done. Gre was defeated. All told, it too me 1 minute and 16 seconds, which gives me a raw score of 1420. I won't know my percentile rank until they figure out how long it took every body else to defeat their crazed Mexican wrestlers on that day-- My rank is probably not that high due to the large numbers of engineering martial artists who take the test every year.

    All in all, it was the most difficult test I've ever taken, and the third in my life to result in broken ribs (Data Structures and Algorithms was really rough...). I hope all my bones knit before I take the Computer Science one.

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