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Odysseus (odysseus) wrote,
@ 2004-07-21 11:40:00
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    Dream Log: End of the World
    I had a dream, and since I ought to update this thing every once in a while, I shall relate it.

    In this dream, there was a fellow called The End of The World. He was going to end the world, because he was the End of The World. Now, to stop him, three things were required: The Child, The Lance (of which there were actually several), and the helm.

    At the beginning of this dream, all three of these things had already been gathered by myself and my companion. We were for some reason staying with a group of people in a back office in some shopping mall. There was an argument between us and our hosts about how to use the three items... They were being quite obstinate about wanting to wait while the world was destroyed, and only defend themselves, while we wanted to go out and stop The End of The World. So, we left. We managed to take the child, and two of the lances, but we couldn't get the helm. We left any way.

    As we were exiting the mall, The End of the World met us in the food court. I've never seen some one so clearly in a dream. His hair was sort of curly (it looked a lot like Jim Morison's, actually). He was wearing blue jeans, a black belt, and and a blue cotton T-shirt lighter than his pants. Every muscle on his body was obvious and defined. His eyes were blue and cold. I've never been so frightened in a dream.

    As he came towards us, I knew there was no way we could win. You needed the child, the lance, and the helm, and we lacked the last. However, the Lance should have at least been able to injure him and slow him down. So, I jammed it into his abdomen as hard as I could-- it did nothing. So I tried again, this time thrusting the lance into his eye. This also didn't injure him, but it caused the lance to sort of unravel- as if it were made of a rolled up piece of paper.

    “If you want to hurt me with this,” he said grabbing the lance which had some how coiled itself back together, “You'll need a lot more force.” Then he threw it back at me. I don't think he intended to hit, because he missed entirely.

    So, I took the lance and ran into the near-by Circuit City to try and get the helm. While I was there, however, I saw the stairs, I had an idea: if I could get to the second level of the food court, I could drop down on The End of The World with the lance. That would hopefully be enough force to skewer him. Before I could test my theory, however, I woke up.

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