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sasha (octoburst) wrote,
@ 2004-12-30 16:03:00
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    Current mood: contemplative
    Current music:"paranoia" - pierrot

    compilation of thoughts on pierrot
    since i just don't get enough of talking about the band, i'm gonna compile all my ideas/thoughts/perception about them in one, big, fat journal entry.

    i was watching the "dna" pv again, and then afterwards the "neogrotesque" pv, and i saw clearly the difference in his cheekbones. okay, his weight. he looked relatively healthier in "dna"; he was plumpier and just generally looked okay. but in "neogrotesque"...whoa, mate - i could just use his cheekbones as a weapon. they were so sharp and more defined than ever! but anyway. yeah, i do think that could be his worst days, during "id attack". he looked so sick and unhealthy, and i'm more glad than ever to know that he took a well-deserved break before "freeze" came out and now he looks well recovered! *pats kirito on the back*

    the band's music
    i do think apart from having catchy verses and less memorable chorus, their other trademark is having songs that don't immediately register well in the ears. i remember clearly when i first heard of "icaross" and "dna", i didn't like them. i thought then, "okay, these aren't bad, but glay's stuff are way catchier than this!" okay, so that was my pro-glay days. but then, when i listened to more and more pierrot and came across "dna" and "icaross" again and again, i realised i was hooked. now, i simply headbang to "dna" whenever i hear it, and i sing along really loudly to "icaross" when it's in my cd player. pierrot's music is that hypnotic and different - it very slowly lures you into the magic of their tune; drowns you in the bright synth guitar (courtesy of jun); overwhelms you with aiji's powerful guitar; deafens you with takeo's complex drumwork; takes your breath away with kohta's expertise on the tearing basslines; and finally, hypnotise you with kirito's intelligent and philosophical lyrics. and then you're eventually hooked. it's like a slow and sensual love, but you definitely enjoy it a lot more!

    jun's crotch shots in "hill~" pv
    okay, i know i should well and truly be over this, but i can't help it! i saw the pv again this afternoon, and i simply can't get over the fact that the cameraman seemed to love going under jun and - well, you know - take a full view from there! i realise there's not just one, but three crotch shots. *big fat sigh* i mean, i guess that was done for the sake of fangirls' delight (and yes, that includes me), but i thought you wouldn't go that far. anyway...

    the fans
    i do believe that everyone who considers themselves a pierrot fan will have the tendency to want to steal the bandmembers' attention. and thus, we all have the equal chance of being that girl who once wrote to kirito's magazine column and told him that she'd rather cut her wrists than not be noticed by him and others around her. i mean, you're obsessed - you think what you're doing is justified. so i say, no matter how hard those pierrot fans abuse and try to set themselves apart from those "stupid, attention-seeking fangirls", all pierrot fans have the tendency to be like that. i'm no hypocrite and i'll admit now that i could have done something like sending a letter to kirito's magazine column and tell him i want to cut myself if i don't score his attention. but now that kirito says he hates such fangirls, i'll try to not do that. because as a fan, you don't want to get on your idol's bad side, ne?


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