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sasha (octoburst) wrote,
@ 2004-12-21 18:54:00
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    Current mood: sore
    Current music:"boulevard of broken dreams" - green day

    it's not far
    i was just looking up the map, and it turns out i'm not so far out from the beach. i mean, i just gotta turn a few turns and i'll eventually get to acland street, the street to go to when i go to st kilda. and that's where i'm dying to go, before i leave for jakarta in january.

    my goodness. it's 4 more days until christmas. and then a week after that, it's the new year. my goodness - how time flies.

    i had a thought before that perhaps for new year, my friend and i could gather a few people at his place and we can have like a dinner party. i'm not sure if people are up for it, though. i'll just see and discuss it with my friend tomorrow - after all, it's his place and he's the one who's gonna do most of the cooking. :-P

    if not, my other option for the new year would be to spend it with my best friend. see if she has plans. maybe using her connection with the radio station that she works at, she can get us tickets to a decent nye event.

    argh, i'm confused. and i'm in total pain...X-(


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