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octaviorblog (octavior) wrote,
@ 2012-03-10 17:43:00
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    MWC: Asian Phone Giants Unveil the New High-speed Smartphone
    The Asian phone giants - Huawei, LG, and HTC smartphones have released the new ultra high-speed smartphone last Sunday, hoping to catch up with Apple and Samsung marketing leader.

    Huawei is known as the world's fastest smartphone - Ascend D, which adopts quad-core processors, while most mainstream smartphone using only dual-core processors. Huawei Terminal, the head of Chengdong Yu said: "We are very proud to be the launch of Ascend D, the world's first quad-core mobile phone on the 2012 Mobile World Congress, which is the world's fastest smartphone." "We have listened to the smartphone needs: speed, long life, high quality video and audio capabilities, and slim body." He said. "This phone meets all the requirements, this also shows that Huawei are working to bring the brand to the high-end market."

    Huawei terminal chief marketing officer said: "The emergence of smartphones has greatly changed the industry five years ago, if you say you are using the Apple phone, is difficult to imagine two years ago, Samsung mobile phone has not been so successful, the Galaxy, it has to meet the needs of the consumers." He also noted that despite the conventional mobile phone market has been fully excavated, but the smartphone is still a big opportunity. "We saw an opportunity in the smart phone market in transition." He said. According to data from market research firm Informa Telecoms and Media, 2011 Global smartphone sales growth of 53.5%, accounting for 34% of all mobile phone sales. The company expects that there will be more than one billion people have smartphones by 2013, that the market has great potential.

    As the world's third largest mobile phone maker, LG is working to grasp the smart phone market opportunity, and launching the Optimus 4xHD smartphone. Daniel Hernandez, the company's European director of marketing, said "the market has not a model's performance more powerful than it.” He also added that, thanks to faster processors, more natural color of the phone's screen. At the same time, HTC also shows the HTC new mobile phones, the company's CEO Peter Chou described as a "speed and performance Beast". In addition to the important selling points of the quad-core, he also want to highlight this fast camera features. He said: "Our goal is to provide you with an excellent camera comparable to a real digital camera." This phone autofocus time is 0.2 seconds, "In theory, faster than the blink of eyes", but also to achieve continuous camera. The product also via HDMI excuse connected to the TV, viewing photos or videos directly on the big screen.

    Sony Ericsson, a wholly-owned acquisition, is working to develop their brands. Sony CEO Bert Nordberg said: "It’s the first time to participate in industry conferences as Sony Mobile, which is a new chapter in our company." The company also introduces two Xperia series phones. Upcoming successor to the Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai said that the brand will use Sony's advantage in the media industry, including Sony Pictures and Music.

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