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Juliette (oceans_of_us) wrote,
@ 2004-04-28 15:45:00
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    Current mood: horny

    So, as I was saying.....I was feeling really great about having at least made contact with a very, very, very nice looking man, and funny. I heard him make a joke to his friends as we were entering the building but I supressed the laughter to avoid being labeled as a stalker. So, anyway, I went to my place and started practising but when I was half-way through my long-tones the someone knocked on my door. And lo and behold, it was the guy! Our conversation went as follows:
    G:Hi. I heard you practising. Is that a flute?
    J: Oh. Uh, yes it is, actually.(awkward pause)
    G: I wanted to apologize for being rude. I was just pissed off at your boyfriend.(weird, eh? who starts an apology like that?)
    J: He's not my boyfriend, please get that straight. Do you want to come in?
    G: I would.......but I got to go.....unpack.....ya know.......
    J:Oh, no problem! Thanks for the apology though. I guess we'll just be good neighbors then.(oh, the shame)
    G: Right. Bye. Sorry.

    I know, I know. I don't know why I said it. I really wish I hadn't, and I know you're wondering why I am in a good mood, but just hang on. So, after he left, I worked a term paper and practised and then he came back about eight. And he asked if he could come in!

    Now, this is the most amazing part. I 'm not a virgin, but I've only had one lover and that was my high school boyfriend, so sex is not a huge part of my life. But I had sex with guy! Whose name is, by the way, Thomas. Isn't that a perfect name? We had sex!!!!! Several times!! We used protection and everything and I'm on the pill, so that's all good! I wrote my last entry just after when he fell asleep, and we've hardly been apart since, I love it so much! He told me he had to come back because there was something magical about me, and he couldn't leave my side. I thought I had struck out, twice but he said he didn't want to screw up with me and he was going to wait, but when he came back we talked for a while and then it just happened. We've been all ove the city, too. Oh! And he plays trumpet like no one I've heard. Brilliance. I think I'm in love,but I hardly know him.
    My grandmother always said though, that if you love someone, all you need to know is that you love them. Not always true, but oh well!

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