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Heaven Tonight (obsidiankittyn) wrote,
@ 2003-08-18 11:40:00
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    Meh - quizlings
    [Name] Thea Samantha Jayne Keighley
    [Name backwards]: Aeht Ahtnamas Enyaj Yelhgiek (cool)
    [Nick Name(s)]: Baggy, Sami
    [Screen Name(s)]: Bondage Bagpuss, Obsidian Kittyn, Impossible Princess, Serendipiti, S-witch,
    [Date Of Birth]: 29-11-79
    [Current Location]:Bedroom
    [Height]: 5'6ish
    [Shoe Size]: 8/9
    [Hair colour]: dyed blonde
    [Eye color]: changes colour
    [Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?]: righty
    [Gay, Straight, Bi]: Bi

    You have...
    [Any sisters]: no
    [Any brothers]: no
    [Any pets]: yes
    [A Disease]:No
    [A Pager]: no
    [A Personal phone number]: yea
    [A leather jacket with studs on it?]: no
    [A heroin needle]: no
    [A Pool or hot tub]: no
    [A Car]: No

    [Personality]: Dark, mysterious, imaginative, dreamer, contradiction in words, terms and actions. Lover, hater, fighter, softly asleep.
    [Driving]: cant drive
    [Car or one you want]:Jeep
    [Room]: too small, needs more decoratoin
    [Shoes]: boots and trainors
    [School]: bradford college
    [Bed]: single
    [Relationship with your parent(s)] : they are weird but cool
    [Believe in yourself]: i dont belive in myself at all
    [Do you believe in love at first sight?] : i guess its possible... but highly unlikely...
    [Consider yourself a good listener] : yes
    [Consider yourself a good friend]: i guess
    [Get Along with your parents]: sometimes
    [Save your aim conversations]: no
    [Like to make fun of people] : if they deserve it.
    [Like to talk on the phone]: depends on who im talking to...

    Do you...
    [Like to drive]: cant
    [Get motion sickness]: when i read and travel
    [Eat Chicken fingers with a fork]: er...... ??
    [Dream in color]: hrm... yea i think so... sometimes...
    [Type with your fingers on home row]: sometimes
    [Sleep with a stuffed animal]:yes a bat
    What is..
    [Right next to you]: which side? Left - bed, right - bag of junk
    [On your mouse pad]: dont have one
    [Your dream car]: Jeep in metalic purple
    [Your dream honeymoon spot]: california
    [Your bedtime]: i dont have one.
    [Under your bed]: idea
    [Your bad time of the day]: any time it differs
    [Your worst fear(s)]: lonelyness when with someone
    [The time?]: 11.54
    [The date?]: 18/08/03
    [The hardest thing about growing up]:learning the hard way
    [The worst feeling in the world]: aloneness

    [Number]: 3
    [Color]:metalic purple
    [Month]: october
    [Food]: sushi
    [Season]: Fall
    [Drink]: Orange
    [Veggie]: onion
    [TV show]: csi
    [Store]: hippypottermouse
    [Animal]: cat
    [Flower]: orchids and daisys

    [Me/You]: you
    [Coke/pepsi]: coke
    [Day/night]: Night
    [Aol/aim]: Aim
    [Cd/casette]: Cd
    [Dvd/vhs]: DVD
    [Jeans/khakis]: jeans
    [Car/truck]: car
    [Tall/short]: tall
    [Lunch/dinner]: Lunch
    [Britney/Christina]: Christina
    [Lipstick/Lip gloss]: both
    [Alcohol/Weed]: either

    [Do you have a bf/gf?]: yes
    [Who is the last person you kissed?]: bf
    [Who is the last person you hugged?]: momma
    [Who is the last person you fought with?]: bf
    [Who is the last person you were on the phone with?]: bf
    [What is the last TV show you saw]: csi

    [What are you wearing?]: nothing
    [What are you doing?]: this
    [Who are you talking to?]: No one
    [What song are you listening to?]: down with the sickness - disturbed
    [Where are you?]: bedroom
    [Who are you with?]: no one but me
    [how are you feeling?]: bored
    [Are you in a chatroom?]: no

    [What day is it tomorrow?]: tuesday
    [What are you going to do after this?]: i dont know
    [Who are you going to talk to?]: anyone who feels like talking to me
    [Where are you going to go?]: no where
    [What do you wanna be?]: journalist of music and tv

    [Drank?]: well yes i have to drink to live, oh you mean alcohol - yes - much - frequently
    [Smoked?]: yes
    [Had sex?]: yes
    [Done anything illegal?]: yes
    [Wanted to die?]: yes
    [Hit someone?]: yes.

    [What do you most like about your body?]: um...nothing.
    [And least?]: everything
    [How many fillings do you have?]: unknown
    [Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking?]: ppl say it a lot but i dont think they mean it... only one person i really think has ment it.
    [Do you look like any celebrities?]: nope

    [Do you wear a watch?]: nope
    [How many coats and jackets do you own?]: 3 or 4.
    [Favorite pants/skirt color?] purple
    [Most expensive item of clothing?]: knee lenght docs
    [How old are you mentally (as in are you mature?)]:depends on my mood
    [What are your worst qualities]: im very paranoid
    [What are your best qualities]: i dont know.
    [How long does it take you get ready in the mornings]: depends... anywhere from 5min to 2 hours

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