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IB | Stan (nyyankee2004) wrote,
@ 2005-01-01 23:18:00
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    Current mood: flirty
    Current music:Piano Man - Billy Joel

    so uhhh
    so uhhh Happy New Years muthasuckas!

    It's funny that on New Years and Thanksgiving and Christmas you hit up people (on AIM, thats my weapon of choice) that you dont talk to for months and only give a message because they are cool enough to be on your buddy list but not cool (or too cool) enough to talk to on a regular basis. Does anyone else find that funny? It's like these arbitrary days of the year are somehow more special than all others that justify having an extra conversation with someone. I dont know, just felt like going stream of consciousness on your asses for a sec there.

    Currently I'm fixing my sis's comp, and since im not a comp guy, that has been proving most difficult, though at Shirley's party my mad non-technical skillz got the speakers working, go meeeeee. Anyhow, this is such a lame post. ......

    But, uhh, I do want to say one thing, and it's probably mean and uncalled for, but I have become very upset and tired about all the blogging rants that people do, correction, a specific type of rant that goes something like this ........

    "I have no real friends either because they are all shallow cocksucking morons that couldn't possibly read my soul if i wrote it out and smacked it in their fizzaces and probably wouldn't care even if i did do that or because there is something fundamentally wrong with my character that prevents me from being any sort of social creature ......... my life sucks I need some real friends to magically appear in my life ... either that or alcohol"

    Does anyone else think this "friendless rant" is perhaps the worst waste of space ever? And it's not like these people are soulless demonic creatures, they're some of the best people I know. And also, I don't wanna make like you people deserve less love and appreciation from me because I have an issue with this rant (if you go back like 8 months, you will see Ive made similar rants as well, so i am including myself in this critique) Anyhow, if by really really bad luck the first of your two contentions is true, then you should not be wasting time telling everyone about it, you should be out finding someone worth having as a friend. It is my belief that (despite I have suffereed in the material possessions department for subscribing too much in this belief) people are generally good and sweet and loving and that they would not use the word friend with just casual flippancy, and I feel that if you think that all your friends are shallow, worthless human beings, you might wanna take a look at your definition for what constitutes a friend cuz you just might be looking for a lover. And that was facetious but the meaning is there.

    As for the second contention of some fundamental flaw within self, that's just asking for Triumph the Insult Comic Dog to come up and say, "you are spending an hour complaining into cyberspace that you dont go out and have friends, what is the problem here?" That's all I have to say to that. People love you, and if you're not feeling the love, is most likely cuz youre not giving the loving back. If all the world had free love, life would be so amazingly wonderful, and that is the moral of all of this criticism on ranting about lack of friends.

    Anyhow, I'm out, peace kids, love and shoutouts to Yale people who for some weird reason or other may read this. Love and candy kids, peace.

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