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IB | Stan (nyyankee2004) wrote,
@ 2004-04-27 22:55:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:D12 - 40 oz.

    Hmmm, ive seen this before
    Haha yeah, sometime between my sleeping last night and my sleeping tonight I figured I might do something productive, which is why I find myself in front of again, figuring that I might enlighten the world on my tidbits of wisdom after a month of disappearances (haha you know I'm just spewing utter bullshit, cuz after a month no one is gonna check your blurty ever again, but you know what, I'm gonna update so that i can figure out what my life's been like in the last month)

    Eminem: My life's like, kinda what my wife's like
    Background: What?
    Eminem: Fucked up after i beat her ass up every night

    something like that.

    Anyhow, to start with, i guess we'll travel back to april first, where the fire occupancy hazard in mr. o'brien's room was temporarily exceeded for 5 blissful moments known as the premiere of Purple Teddy Bears. My god, has it really been 24 days ago? Something like 50 people crowded into mr. o brien's room to check out our much-hyped premiere, and god did they scream and cheer. I think it's one of the more fulfilling moments in my 17 year life as of now. YEEARRRRGH. Since then, we've launched a website

    and have our extended bios and other stuff up. We've actually had people from around the globe watch it, as well as around the nation. Thanks to all my JSA pals for spreading some of this love, I love you guys, all of you. We played it again at hte orchestra banquet on the band like 600 inch projection screen. We had a 25 minute delay in setting up the slide show and then a 10 minute delay in getting the video to run at hte end of the slide show, but, man, it was worth every second of anticipation. And we got a few more screams. Yay for girls with big lungs.

    I'm not sure when i decided, but i guess i've decided to go to yale next year. I was awakened to an unpleasant surprise when i found out that my onetime child abuser Erica Chu was also going to yale, but after reconciling myself to the fact that i will see her for 4 more years, i realize that having an erica along might not be that bad. Maybe i might actaully go to class once in a while when im at yale.

    I also had the MUN culture show sometime, but that's ok, i don't recall it much, cuz i didnt do much. But that was basically the last event of my WW MUN life, over 4 years of happiness with Shirley and Helen and Larin, and the entrances of grizzled veterans Chong and Wei and Yun, and all the other seniors that I can't be bothered to remember cuz ive had too much alcohol, it's been a great time of sex and khrushchev.

    What else ... what else....

    Today Fort told me that i supposedly placed at Regional UIL for lit crit and am goin to state

    Fort: Congratulations
    Stan: WHAT THE FUCK? (thought processes, not actual words)

    See, I read the stuff i was supposed to read hte night before and then on the van ride up to baylor. Needless to say, I was very much relieved at the fact that hte lit crit test does not count off for wrong answers, which allowed a very happy stan to take the test with elan and get his 6 points on his avg for the fifth sixth weeks. Apparently, Stan's elan pwned the whities at the other schools (but not at WW, they teach me mucho). Joyous, now i have another competetition to look forward to.

    OK I guess I'll talk bout prom, cuz you know, life ain't life without prom. And prom is just better without sex, you can go home and not worry about where or with whom youre gonna wake in the morning, but that's just my opinion.

    Anyhow, prom was AWESOME (yeah i used all caps)

    And chela was a wonderful date, just cuz she's short. (j/k) Nah, I had a great time with her, even if the DJ played mebbe 6 danceable songs. And Yun won prom king. That's right, YUN!!!!! That was a rock star moment, even Yun got into it, with Roberta as queen, that's right, two non conformists pwned prom like it was their personal playground.

    And then the DJ played 6 rap songs in a row, ruining the moment.

    But that's ok, cuz it's YUNNNNNNN

    Haha and then afterwards we went to Mozart's and then the Texas Union, where we proceeded to play tackle bowling, which goes like this.

    Usually bowling is a calm affair, where everyone takes their turn and one person bowls at a time. Unfortunately, Big Chief Doofus (aka Billy, aka Billy Wang, aka Tanya's bitch) had to step over the foul line on his first attempt to bowl, which then gave everyone the idea that ok, if youre losing, there's no problem, just step over the line of the guy who's in the lead, thereby causing him to foul. If he's in the way, tackle him.

    Needless to say, I was the only one out of the 4 bowlers that had significant experience bowling (aka more than once a year) Great, that was fun having chela jump me in her tied up dress and wonchon sticking his overlarge foot over the line. And then wonchon beat me the second round.... grrrrr .... when chela tackled me and then sent me across the foul line on my final burst. YAAAWWWEEERRRR ... haha it was all in good fun. It was cool, and then we left at 3 AM. And then I was taking chela to a sleepover at Statton Park, yeah, that place where Big Chief Doofus used to live and it has all tehse fences and we didn't know the code. So we shimmied under the fence like a bunch of lawbreaking prom kids and sorta wandered around for 30 minutes before finding the place. I guess it's true that when it's 3 am or 4 am, youre sense of direction sorta vanishes. Anyhow, it was uber fun ... ahhhhhh good times, thanks chela.

    Hmm, it's now 11:22 and i could read poisonwood bible or do something productive or jack off or play computer games (dammit mickel shut down the ut2k4 stations in compsci, making us have to do work)

    but since i have AP and IBs to do, i might as well drag my sorry ass to bed sometime.

    OH wait, i get to wake up at 12 pm tomo

    screw that, im playing comp games, catch you all later

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